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think appropriately expresses gratitude B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e


This written assignment will result in creating documents you can use far beyond the end of this course. Please engage with Chapter 16 Employment Communications, in your Cardon textbook, as preparation for every aspect of this assignment.


Use formatting as detailed in your textbook in Chapter 16, for each assignment.

Submission & Due Date

Submit this assignment in our Canvas course shell, under Assignments | Résumé | Cover Letter | Thank-You Note | Reference List | Stories by STAR Method by the date/time specified on the syllabus.


You will need to spend time developing your Résumé, Cover Letter, Thank-You Note, Reference List, and Stories by STAR Method by writing and revising, to be successful.

This assignment is worth a total of 85 points.


Create a Résumé (25 Points)

Create a perfectly polished résumé—your choice—Functional or Chronological

Create a Reference List (10 Points)

Create a reference list with three individuals whom you could trust to provide good professional endorsements of your abilities. Provide all contact information and a brief statement about how each person knows you.

Create a Cover Letter (25 Points)

Choose a job announcement that interests you. Write a cover letter that is addressed to the contact person/organization in this announcement.

Telling Stories with the STAR Method (10 points)

Write down how you would answer one of the following interview questions using the STAR method: (a) Can you tell me about a challenge you overcame at work? (b) Can you give me an example of how you showed leadership at work? or (c) Can you tell me about one of your recent successes at work? You can substitute school experiences for work experiences if you’d like.

Write a Thank-You Note (15 points)

Choose a job position that interests you. Assume you have just completed the job interview. Write a thank-you message that you think appropriately expresses gratitude and improves your chances in the hiring process.

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