theologian analysispart 2the final weekly argument summary paper W r i t i n g

theologian analysispart 2the final weekly argument summary paper W r i t i n g

Part 1

The final argumentative essay requires that each student follow the guidelines and select one

option listed below. The argumentative essay will engage at least one serious theory we have

discussed in this class, state the student’s response to this theory, and provide an argument

that justifies the student’s response. The final version should be 1200 to 1800 words

(approximately 4-6 pages).

The topic for this paper is

Defend or reject the thesis that every human person will be saved according to Christian principles.

The word doc that is attached theologian analysis needs to align with this one as well.

There are plenty of Compressed folders that will have information. And also, please use websites and journals that are outside sources and they are based in the United States. Also please use more websites than anything.

Although, please be sure to distinguish clearly between Origen and Rahner, because although they are separated by many centuries, there are some similarities in their works. Thanks.”

Also I have a draft copy of this assignment that I am sending in as well. Please feel free to look over it. and edit this.

For this assignment the word docs attached that need to be used are Final Argument Essay Draft and Theologian Analysis

Part 2

The final weekly argument summary paper will not summarize the readings for the last week of class. Instead, the final weekly argument summary paper will reflect on the student’s own process of writing the history of interpretation paper. Students should defend the various decisions they made in writing this paper using a critical thinking and values-based model. Instead of summarizing the arguments you read, summarize the argument you made in your history of interpretation paper and discuss how you came to decide on the particular verse and the analysis you offered. In addition to counting for regular course credit, this paper will be assessed according to the full UE rubric and data from this assessment will be shared with the UE administrators. Students should reflect on the entire process of writing their papers from choosing the passage to committing to a research plan and then writing and editing the paper.

The verse that was used for this paper was Romans 8:26-30

The History of interpretation paper is attached for this assignment only. Again, any websites and journals need to be based in the United States. Thanks.

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