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testing supplies …) ethical issues (& B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

This “Report” is your opportunity to conduct extensive research into an area of interest that you have in regards to COVID-19’s impact upon a specific aspect of our business environment.

This report must be fact based with reliance upon a minimum of five (5) different, reputable sources. In regards to your selected topic, reporting on it should include (if/when applicable) references to specific laws/rules recently enacted to address your topic, direct and possibly comparison data, anecdotal reports, lawsuits filed, research publications…Again, this is a research paper.

Impact on our business & legal environment:

  • Government, private business and vaccination requirements
  • Omicron & travel restrictions
  • Effect upon the supply chain
  • HEALS v. CARES v. Heroes stimulus packages
  • Business immunity
  • Opening of schools, businesses…
  • Whether federal funding can be diverted to charter or private schools based upon the public schools’ opening plan?
  • Whether ordering businesses to close is in effect a “taking” within the 5th Amendment (example: lawsuit filed March 26, 2020, raises this argument)?
  • Whether the President has authority to order states to quarantine (at least 3 refused to issue a state-wide order) and/or to “open” their state after sheltering in place? (Federal v. State powers)
  • Whether China or any other country is liable for the pandemic, if so, potential remedies? (lawsuit recently filed against China and allegations recently made against the U.S.)
  • Federal v. States v. International v. Private Businesses and the supply chain issue for supplies—“bidding wars” (ventilators, beds, tests, testing supplies…)
  • Ethical issues (& their intersection or divergence with legal issues)
    • Prioritizing—economics v. health//health v. economics
    • How to determine who should be treated when access to equipment & supplies is limited? (a New England Journal of Medicine article recently addressed this issue & others…)
    • Navy Captain relieved of his duties (“Whistleblower?;” why the need to take that route; ethical v. legal considerations in both “firing” & potentially “rehiring”…)
  • Whether COVID-19 is the “great equalizer” or is it having a disparate impact?
    • Economics
    • Race
    • Age

The above are just some suggested topics—to get you “thinking.” As long as it relates to the coronavirus and the business environment and analyzed from a legal perspective and you have a personal interest in doing a “deep dive” into the topic, it is an appropriate topic. Of course, this will be further discussed throughout the semester and you should feel free to discuss your selected topic further with me, if you want.

The Final Report must be 3 – 5 typed, double spaced pages, 12 pt. Times New Roman font. (In addition to the original assignment) you must have at a minimum five (5) relevant, reputable references, citations within the report, and a complete bibliography containing all reputable sources that you used and/or relied upon. (The bibliography page is excluded from the page count.) Report MUST be submitted through this section of Canvas in Word format. (If it is submitted in pages or any other format besides Word, it will not be graded and your grade for this assignment will be -0-.)

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