technology made us think different H u m a n i t i e s

technology made us think different H u m a n i t i e s

Write an essay of at least 900 words in which you discuss one aspect in the relationship between biological sex and gender. Use and establish a representative example from “The Primordial Journey”, “x & y”, “Dutee”, or “Dana”. Use the techniques from Writing Analytically, Chapters 1-4 in order to generate your significant details from the text and your interpretation of them. Your approach should be analytical. A successful essay will establish a representative example from the text and examine the significance and implications of the idea/thesis that you are developing. It is important to focus and go deeper on one aspect of example or topic.

Your essay should have the following requirements:

  • an analytical approach
  • a representative example from the text that you are analyzing

For this first essay and your revising process for it, I would like you to concentrate on your body paragraphs, focusing specifically on creating enough development and depth in your body paragraphs. Make sure that each body paragraph focuses on developing one claim, a point that you articulate in the form of a topic sentence, most likely located at the beginning of your body paragraph. Follow the claim with enough background and summary in order to orient your reader to the specific evidence that you will examine. After citing the evidence or paraphrasing it or describing it, begin your explanation of it by demonstrating how the evidence relates to your claim. Make the connection as explicit as you can. Follow your demonstration by answering the so what question, explaining how and why the evidence<–>claim is significant in light of your overall thesis. The latter is a crucial component in a body paragraph and having it will help to create enough depth for your analysis. As for the order of your body paragraphs, try to establish the example/evidence/specific that you consider to best represent or connect to your idea/thesis in your first body paragraph. Consider the definition of a representative example in Writing Analytically, Chapter 8. In this first body paragraph you are trying to establish your representative example in order to set a solid foundation for your subsequent points/claims and their related evidence that you will examine in the following paragraphs. Your reader should be able to tell what your representative example is based on how you explain it. In other words, you are trying to avoid making each of your body paragraphs consider different evidence, all with the same emphasis, as you might do in the body of a 5-paragraph demonstration essay. If you use the so what question as a way to move from one body paragraph to the next, you will be creating a line of progression which will take you to a conclusion that is more precise and specific from the way that your essay began.

Note that for your final draft, you will need to cite direct passages from the episodes. Ideally you can cite the time the passage occurs and begins in the episode, noting it at the end of the sentence where you have the quote(minute:second). For the first essay, since there are no official transcripts for the episodes, I will accept your transcriptions that are “close enough” in terms of accuracy word-for-word. Just make sure that you have them in quotes.

++++ I hope Final conclusion includes Why this all matters?

Example topic can be –> Advanced of technology made us think different on biologically or related things to gender.

I can post the previous works from “The Primordial Journey”, “x & y”, “Dutee”, or “Dana”. To help improve the quality of the essay.++++

After writing the essay I need to respond to the two drafts assigned to me after I get the final result. For a description of the peer review process, including instructions for providing feedback. The goal of the peer review process is to provide purposeful and helpful feedback. So you are not correcting and grading your peer’s draft.

Review from other students should be based on

1. How well did I understood?

2. Interesting part or impressive part or saying like it would be better if you add more details to~

(I’ll post it after I get the essay 1). Thank you.

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