teachers positively influence students ’ identities H u m a n i t i e s

teachers positively influence students ’ identities H u m a n i t i e s

Analytic Essay

Write a 5-6 page, double-spaced essay with 1-inch margins in response to the prompt below. The essay is analytic which means your primary objective is to take a stand on a particular issue or topic and make an argument or make a case for the issue or topic that you selected.

You must support your argument with evidence from lectures, five readings, and investigative assignments (including your personal experiences). While you must use five readings from the course, you can use as many interviews from your investitive assignments as you want but use at least one interview. Any material from lecture that you use should be cited, for example (Week 3, Tuesday lecture). You may also use any videos from the course as sources of evidence in addition to the required five readings, investigative assignments, and lectures.

A strong essay: 1) presents a clear position or argument, followed by details and examples from readings, investigative assignments, personal experiences, and lectures that support the position, and 2) explains the significance of the examples, in other words, how the examples support the position, including direct quotes from the readings. (never assume the reader knows what your examples mean or why you are using a particular quote). Additionally:

  • Do not use any readings or sources that are outside of the class
  • Keep in mind that your paper will be examined for plagiarism through Turnitin on Canvas. Make sure to use your own words when using material from lecture slides or use quotation marks around the material
  • Proper citation rules apply for direct quotes from readings (author’s last name, year published, page number) or quotes from lecture slides (Week 3, Tuesday lecture)
  • Include a Works Cited page
  • Be sure to proofread your paper! Please contact the Teaching & Learning Commons if you need help with your writing


How can schools and/or teachers positively influence students’ identities and their experiences in school to help students succeed? In other words, in what ways can the structures, cultures, policies, and/or practices in schools or in classrooms influence students’ identities and experiences in school so that students are successful?

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