target new things new methods must B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

target new things new methods must B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

About the company:

Website (mainly made for products (books) which are helpful in running this non-profit organization and founder of the company is giving his ideology to the different business world to raise better)

Company size

2-10 employees

1 on LinkedIn Includes members with current employer listed as Systovation, including part-time roles.


Saskatoon, Saskatchewan



Founders Name is Sukant Ratnakar() please visit his profile to know more.


The mission of systovation is to support the business in such a way so that the performance within the corporate do not lack behind and mostly indulge with the new norms of change management. Moreover, this non-profit organization is assuring that we do not follow the old and outdated methods to perform new and challenging task. Thus, basically to target new things new methods must be followed.We are living in a highly complex and interwoven world where changes are more abrupt and intense than ever before. This calls for innovating the mechanism to keep us aligned with our goals in real-time.StayRelevant, Keep Learning!Systovation Mission is to make sure that we don’t get obsolete like an old technology in the 4th industrial revolution.

Below are the questions should be covered in the PPT with practical examples.

Q1: How the future looks like and why the old change management will not work in the future?

Q2: if old approaches will not work, then what will work?

Q3: How to introduce the new change approaches into the traditional market? How to manage the resistance of change managers and the corporate leaders?

Q4: Which appropriate market is suitable for beginning and gradually expanding for such new change management approaches. Geographical locations within Canada and the world. Also, which sectors, industries?

Q5: When it is the right time to launch the program in the market and what should be the route to market?

Q6: What should be the key activities / action plan for the next 6 months.

Q7: How much funding is required before the product starts self-funding the project? How much and what should be the source and strategy for raising funds?

NOTE-Make bullet points for each presentation with diagrams, graphs, etc and provide explanation for each point for verbal presentation.

Key Drivers for success

1. Funding

2. Marketing & promotion

3. Product Development (New and Upgrades)

4. Integration with Artifical Intelligence / Software

5. Mechanism for seamless operations

6. Collaborations

7. Distribution strategy

8. Selection of channel partners

9. Quick to market entry strategy

10.Copyright protection.

11.Risk Analysis and Mitigation.

12.Pace of development/marketing/delivery

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