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target audience effectively ?§ B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

This is a case presentation.Type is Spokespersons for Campaigns, The case is Land O’Lakes Butter with Ree Drummond.

Below is the criteria needed to put your analysis together. The most important factor to keep in mind when presenting your analysis is to NOT simply summarize the case we read. Your task is to dig deeper and bring the case to life while critiquing it using the 8-PR planning process I have shared.


§Was the research adequate for the case?

§What kind of additional research do you think would have added value? (Be specific.)


§Did the objectives make sense for this campaign? What is your assessment of the objectives used in this case? Were they measurable?

§Did the case use strategies? Do you feel that the strategies were helpful in explaining the overall direction of the campaign?

§If the case did not include strategies, what do you think the strategies were or should be?

PROGRAMMING (Tactics, Key Message, Target Audience, Timing and Budget)

§Was the main message of the campaign communicated effectively? If not, why?

§Was the campaign directed to the ideal target audience? If yes, why? If not, who could they have targeted?

§If a spokesperson was used, was it a good fit? Did he/she reach the target audience effectively?

§What is your overall assessment of the tactics? Did they make sense for the campaign?

§Were the tactics effective in helping to reach the objectives? Explain Why?

§What is an additional tactic that may have helped the campaign reach its objectives?


§How effective were these methods? Were they appropriate for measurement?

§Did the program reach its stated objectives?

§Where did this campaign fall short with evaluation?


§As a whole, how effective was this public relations campaign?

§What would you do differently if you were assigned a public relations problem/opportunity like this one?

§Include any suggestions you and your partner would recommend for making this a stronger campaign. What would you add or change about this case or it’s tactics?

§Did they utilize all PR tactics to get the most out of their outreach?


§Provide an update on the current state of the campaign including insights from a campaign contact. Is it continuing? Has it evolved into another campaign?

§On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the best, how would you rate this case in terms of overall effectiveness?

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