tammia drakes wk 3 case studyafter reading B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

tammia drakes wk 3 case studyafter reading B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

Case Study You have been working with your project group for the last few weeks. During this time, you have had three meetings, and at each one, Corey has either come late or left early. Even when Corey is at the meeting, it seems that Corey’s mind is elsewhere. Everyone’s input on the project is needed, and you are concerned that his lack of participation and preparation is affecting the group outcome. You know that Corey is a smart guy and performed well when you happened to work with him on another team project last year in a marketing class. But something is different now – different about him, and different about how he interacts with others. He is not violent, but he is also not as easygoing as he used to be. You are not sure how to approach this situation.What is your immediate reaction to the scenario? How would you feel if you were a member of the team writing about this situation?How could this situation have been avoided?What approaches to resolving this conflict are appropriate?What are some things that, if done, would make this approach successful?What are some things to avoid when attempting to resolve this conflict? Why?

RESPOND TO Justin Marlett Case StudyHello Everyone,

In this case study I would:1) My immediate reaction to this scenario would be that I would question that something has happened to Corey outside of work that he is brining into the office. If I were a member of the team I would be upset because Corey’s situation is impacting how my work is turning our and the overall reflection on the competency of our group.  2) This situation could have been avoided if Corey were approached earlier when Corey first started coming in late.  Letting him know this was unacceptable and at that point he may have let everyone else know what was going on or find a way to relieve himself from being in the group.3) Approaches to reslolving this conflict would start by having a one to one talk privately and giving Corey empathy, it will bring him to a level to really listen and hopefully have a solution to his problems. Avoiding assumtions of knowing why Corey is coming in late and unprepared.  When facilitatin a conflict discussion avoid repeating the facts of the lateness and being unprepared. Do not use the approach of you are always but tone it down and not create defensivness by stating as I understand, as I see it or, I am only aware of what I see.  This will allow my understanding of what is happening to be seen by Corey and will create an opportunity for Corey to clarify what is really going on and why. 4) Some of the things that, if done to make this approach sucessful would be to go through the five stages of negotiating. Preparing and planning will allow clarification of what you want and why. It will define the ground rules of no more being tardy and will keep an agenda going of what still needs to be accomplished within the group project. By clarifing and justifing your case you allow a persuasive understanding of how and why everyone within the group wants to complete this project and keep their jobs. Focusing on the problem, then looking forward to create a win win situational enviornment will help make everyone feel that they are contributing. By having closure to the conversation it will impliment a way for both parties to agree that there needs to be a clear understanding of how keeping Corey’s mind in the game will bring closure for everyone.  You can even go as far as preparing a document that reiterates the same statement. Justin Marlett

(WC 418) 

De Janasz, S, Dowd, K & Schneider, B (2021) Interpersonal Skills in Organization (7th ed)               New York, NY McGraw-Hill  ISBN 9781264072842

RESPOND TO Tammia Drakes WK 3 Case StudyAfter reading about the case study pertaining to group member Corey coming into group meetings late and leaving early. My first initial reaction would be to speak with Corey privately away from the group to ask him if everything is going okay with him. Since he hasn’t been acting like himself since the last time we worked together in a previous group project. However, I think the best way to resolve this conflict would be to have a meeting with Corey and help him figure out ways to make it to group meetings on time. Also, I will tell him if he’s having some personal issues pertaining to family then we can set up a family and medical leave act.In contrast, I would ask the people apart of the group project as well as Corey to give input on how to make the group project meeting more interesting. However, I think the best way to avoid conflict like this is to have one on one meetings with everyone apart of the group project to see where their minds are and how they feel we can approve people from being tardy and leaving early. According to UCSanDiego (2018), “To handle conflict in the workplace would be by talking with the other person, listen carefully, prioritize the areas of conflict, develop a plan to work on each conflict, and follow through with the plan” (para. 1). In conclusion, the best way to avoid conflict when trying to resolve the confrontation would be to not interrupt a person when they are expressing themselves, understand the person point-of-view, and try to be open-minded when it comes to give suggestions.wc: 296ReferenceUCSanDiego. How to handle conflict in the workplace. (2018, January 5). Retrieved December 10, 2021, from https://blink.ucsd.edu/HR/supervising/conflict/handle.html.

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