synchronous class sessions via groups discussion W r i t i n g

synchronous class sessions via groups discussion W r i t i n g

In this reflection, I’d like to invite you to reflect on what we have done in our class so far by responding to the following questions. The purpose of the reflection is for me to know more about how you have been doing and coping with coursework in our class so that as we move forward to Sequence 2-3, I can make some necessary adjustment to ensure that our class will run smoothly and effectively for all of you to successfully finish the course strong and gain most out of our learning together this quarter.

1) Since it is the 1st time that we embarked on remote learning more preparedly (in comparison to the past spring when the pandemic just began), I have taken care to make sure that you are able to participate in our class sessions fully by strongly advising you to use mic and camera, knowing that it can be uncomfortable or undesirable for some of us (including me!). While understanding that the tech requirement may be challenging for some of us, I still chose to implement it because I believe meeting and talking with each other face to face helps us to build a strong and effective learning community online and get used to the new format of digital learning. How do you feel about your participation (with mic and camera) in our weekly class session so far? Do you feel you have been able to connect with your peers and me during our synchronous class sessions via groups discussion in breakout rooms and individual/collective share-outs with the class? Can you name a couple things that you think work well in terms of how our synchronous classes are run? Is there anything you feel can be modified or improved for synchronous sessions? Have you encountered any difficulties/challenges that you would like to let me know so that I can provide further accommodation to still ensure you can participate fully?

2) How have you been doing juggling assignments/quizzes from all the online courses you are taking at UW Bothell and possibly working a full-time/part-time job at the same time? What do you think about your time management? Has it been working well for you and can it sustain til the end of the quarter? Please feel free to let me know how you are feeling in terms of your performance in class and in written assignments along with your other responsibilities outside school. The information you provide will be extremely valuable for me to make sure I can provide necessary accommodations as we move forward to help you succeed and achieve optimal learning in our class.

3) Do you have any questions/concerns for me regarding the coursework or course design? Is there anything else you would like to let me know regarding your learning situation?

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