sustainable water desalination W r i t i n g

sustainable water desalination W r i t i n g

I am applying for undergrad school and I need a personal statement (600 words). I am applying to an atmospheric and oceanic science major. So, here are some points that you need to know; I am from Saudi Arabia and I studied in the past engineering but I quit due to medical health problem and now I decided to go back to school and study the major that I love. Some poins you need to focus on; 1- General ideas about the atmospheric and oceanic major. Climate change crisis and ocean pollution. 2- How 2030 vision is taking place in Saudi Arabia to preserve the environment.

And here some stuff I wrote that you can look at and take some ideas:

The past five years have seen record highs. Given the current pace, global temperatures are expected to rise by about three degrees before the end of this century.

By then, it will be too late.

The fate of the environment, the economy, and the population is related to what we humans do today.

This is why I chose to have a vital role. Since the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is entering a new era and is dedicated to use renewable energy to preserve the environment.

The international media has always referred to the kingdom under the name “The Kingdom of the Desert or the Land of Sand” However, the kingdom today is emerging as an important maritime state through its focus on its two seas: (the Red Sea and the Arabian Gulf), more than ever before.

Several marine industries and economic sectors in the Kingdom are flourishing under Vision 2030, including coastal tourism, sustainable water desalination, marine sports, seawater-based aquaculture, marine energy, and marine biotechnology.

and here are the links for the 2 school I am going to apply to:

Ps: Mention that I have a full scholarship from the goverment

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