super fast product launches W r i t i n g

super fast product launches W r i t i n g

DA 3: Review the following news items to motivate your discussion.

News Items: Boohoo: COVID-19 and supply chain ethics

For our discussion, I have including links to the news items below:

News Item 1: Boohoo booms as Leicester garment factories are linked to lockdown (clicking this link will download the item as a PDF file)

News Item 2: Why You Should Care That Boohoo Is Making Headlines This Week (clicking this link will download the item as a PDF file)

News Item 3: A video of Leicestershire MP discussing slave-like conditions in the city’s factories that continue to exploit workers. (Links to an external site.)

News Item 1 from The Guardian discusses operations at Boohoo, which is an online fast fashion firm with super fast product launches. They offer thousands of items each week and quickly replenish those that capture the public’s attention. The news reports that this served them well as Britain shut down due to COVID-19 pandemic. To accomplish quick offerings, they produced locally and relied on flexible suppliers mainly located in the city Leicester.

News Item 2 from The New York Times details the suppliers’ ethical compromises to attain supply chain speed and flexibility during COVID-19 pandemic, including workers who were forced to work without COVID-19 health precautions and were grossly underpaid enough to be caller ‘modern slaves’ (as also shown in the News Item 3, a YouTube video) .

Based on your reading of these two news items, provide your opinion on what your learned from it in context of implications for operations in various industries during COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition to contributing to discussion, you are expected to reply to at least one of your classmates. Note that you must post your discussion blog before you will be able to see other students’ replies.

The requirement is a minimum of one original post (minimum 350 words) and one peer response (minimum 100 words) per discussion assignment.

Again, I will send you the peer response after I posted my original post.

Please do not contain too much outside resources and relate to my lecture notes (below).

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