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subtle ways like withholding important information B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e



I would identify Communication and Personality differences being our two present causes of conflict. Communication from an internal communications point of view. The positive is we’ve had 30 percent growth and opened a 3rd office. The downside to this growth being our communication and processes haven’t been updated which allows for miscommunication or duplication of efforts. Also, by nature of the profession, we sometimes have personality difference cause of conflict. There are technical Architects who know building codes and state bi-laws by heart. The other side being the creative Architect who focuses on the details of the design and the excitement of seeing their design come to life. Both being ways that produce an efficient product but not without some differences of opinion along the way.


I believe hands-on onboarding is an essential practice for anyone, but especially a leader, regardless of gender or ethnicity. There may be people in the organization who are skeptical of someone new coming in. These people might not be very supportive of the person hired. They may do things that impede the new leader’s ability to be successful. This is often done in subtle ways like withholding important information, or saying their busy when asked to engage with the new leader. I’ve seen both of those scenarios play out.

4.) Dawn of System Leadership PDF

Over time I continue to build a learning and development toolkit. I learn new models, experiment with them in my mind or in real scenarios, keep them or put them aside. Some are special purpose, I use for specific interventions, such as when doing process improvement or building a culture of service. I find that I continue to use familiar tools as the general levers that help an organization develop. I look at Time-Management, Process, and Communication as the main behavior areas. Skills would be the fourth as training vs behavioral development. In each of these areas are the prioritizing the big rocks, project management, effective delegation, collaboration etc. Different scenarios call for focused attention, but it’s always about people and the behaviors that create a positive environment and those that detract.

5.) Dawn of system leadership

I began my career through on the job learning. I had the good fortune of having great bosses that exposed me to new experiences and challenged me with assignments that stretched me out of my comfort zone. They created a safety net for me to fail which gave me the courage to grow. They were instrumental in my decision to pursue a college/university degree.
A recent example was a request I received from my Pastor to facilitate a discussion with community professionals from our church on race relations. I felt uncomfortable and ill-equipped to facilitate that type of conversation as I was struggling with my own emotions around the racial discord that was happening in the US and the world. To prepare myself, I attended similar conversations facilitated by other respected professionals to experience their approach. I listened to podcasts, and read articles to learn others perspectives on the topic. While still nervous, I felt more prepared and successfully facilitated the sessions.

6.) Coorp

I have seen organizations that have vision and relationships which fall into the collaboration column, but their structure is cooperative, sometimes coordinated and their authority hasn’t made the collaboration column at all. When Authority and Accountability stay focused on cooperation, it’s hard to get on board with their vision of collaboration. I think control is hard for some people to give up, and unless other areas fall into the collaboration realm, having a vision remains just that.
This tool could be used to show organizations where they are, or possibly open their eyes to different ways of operating. An O.D. practitioner could utilize activities and examples around each of the three areas to demonstrate what they look like and how they help or hinder an organization.

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