strategy ). identify four possible social media smart objectives W r i t i n g

strategy ). identify four possible social media smart objectives W r i t i n g

In this assignment you will take what you have learned about your organization’s social media presence and combine it with your knowledge of social media objectives and metrics in order to propose some elements of a social media campaign.

The purpose of this assignment is to show that you are learning about the relationship between platform and audience, have a sense of how to write clear and measurable objectives, and that you can identify the appropriate measurements for a campaign.

  • Review the mission and activities of your client (specifically the activities you will focus on in your final campaign plan/strategy).
  • Identify four possible social media SMART objectives for your client.
  • Justify each objective through attention to the organization’s business goals, their desired target audiences, and the characteristics of specific social media platforms.
  • Identify a metric that can be used to assess the success of a social media campaign designed to accomplish the objective.

You should briefly review the nature of your client’s mission and activities. If you have narrowed the focus of the social media work you’ll be focused on, describe that here. For example, if I chose The University as my client in Assignment 1, and decided to focus on recruiting MBA students, I might now narrow to focus only on professionals who are working from home during the pandemic. I could also choose to narrow my focus enrolling only new students, and you can see that my outcome here is really targeting enrollment as a measurement. You should include a references page, in APA format, if you cite course material. The source should be academic.

My Client: LUSH UK

Platform: Instagram (…



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