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strategy ). identify four possible social media smart objectives B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

The organization I choose is WWF, and I will upload my client proposal PowerPoint slides.


In this assignment you will take what you have learned about your organization’s social media presence and combine it with your knowledge of social media objectives and metrics in order to propose some elements of a social media campaign.

The purpose of this assignment is to show that you are learning about the relationship between platform and audience, have a sense of how to write clear and measurable objectives, and that you can identify the appropriate measurements for a campaign.

You will submit your proposed objectives and measurements in the form of a 2-5 page paper.


Produce a 2-5 page paper in which you:

  • Review the mission and activities of your client (specifically the activities you will focus on in your final campaign plan/strategy).
  • Identify four possible social media SMART objectives for your client.
  • Justify each objective through attention to the organization’s business goals, their desired target audiences, and the characteristics of specific social media platforms.
  • Identify a metric that can be used to assess the success of a social media campaign designed to accomplish the objective.

This paper should be organized into two parts. In Part I you should briefly review the nature of your client’s mission and activities. If you have narrowed the focus of the social media work you’ll be focused on, describe that here. For example, if I chose a University as my client in Assignment 1, and decided to focus on recruiting MBA students, I might now narrow to focus only on professionals who are working from home during the pandemic. I could also choose to narrow my focus enrolling only new students, and you can see that my outcome here is really targeting enrollment as a measurement.

In Part II you should identify your proposed social media objectives, justifications and measurements. Let’s try using another example – what if we were working for the University Undergraduate Admissions office? Here is an abbreviated example:

  • Objective: to increase the number of new leads from Facebook by 10% by December 2019
  • Business Outcome: Lead generation of potential first-year students
  • Justification: Undergrad Admissions cannot succeed unless it continues (and increases) the number of qualified applicants in its freshman application pool every year. Enrollment research shows that students who get connected to a campus before the end of their sophomore year of high school are more likely to attend that campus than campuses they learn about later in their college career. Research also shows that parents who connect with a college early in a child’s high school career are more likely to recommend that college to their child. Parents with high-school aged kids spend a lot of time on Facebook.
  • Measurement: Personal information (email addresses) collected through social media.

Presentation Details

Your paper should be typed and double-spaced. You can choose your font, margins, and other stylistic elements, however please be sure that the font is at least 10 point in size and that margins are at least 1.5”. Please be sure to include your name and the assignment title in the header or at the top of each page, along with the page number (for instance, “Leek, Objs/Meas, p. 4”). You do not have to have a cover page or abstract for this assignment. You should include a references page, in APA format, if you cite course material.

Review the scoring details below to understand how your submission will be evaluated.

Reading materials may needed:………


CRITERIA Points Possible Your Score
Paper accurately reviews the client’s goals, and if appropriate, narrows the scope for the focus of the objectives. 2
Objectives are written using SMART approach and are appropriately connected to client’s goals 5
Justification for objectives are accurately and completely grounded in an understanding of social media platform features and audiences 5
Measurements show an understanding of the analysis tools available for social media platforms and are appropriate for the proposed objectives 5
Paper and citations are formatted according to instructions, paper is appropriate length and is edited/proofread for accuracy and clarity 3

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