stopped enjoying three card monty W r i t i n g

stopped enjoying three card monty W r i t i n g

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Booth seems obsessed with sex and women which contributes to his toxic masculinity. He treats women as objects whose only purpose is to help him release his sexual energy. I believe that this is shallow and Booth is using this boisterous and crude language to overcompensate and hide his insecurities. I assume that Booth feels insecure about his relationship with Grace. Grace has previous relationships which obviously makes Booth like he may not be the ‘alpha-male’ that he describes himself as being. Booth also acts as though he owns Grace which shows how he views women as a whole. He has no respect for the opposite sex. Booth also equates dominating his partner and not pleasing them to being good at sex. Finally, Booth equates his worth to the size of his penis and brags about how he has to use a Magnum condom. Booth feels as though he needs to make everything overtly sexual to prove his manliness

.I agree with Lincoln saying that history is often glamorized and erases all the pain that is attached to it. History is taught through the perspective of the winners and glosses over the losses of everyone involved. The most blatant example I can think of off hand is the way colonizers treated indigenous people in the Americas. We learn in history books that the colonizers from places like England and Spain spread disease and killed indigenous tribes but often the gravity of the horrendous treatment of native people gets overlooked. We don’t learn about the slaughtering of thousands, the sexual assault, and how countless native people were forced into slavery. History is taught in an easy to swallow fashion which makes tragedies against minorities normalized.

It would be difficult for Lincoln to play Abraham Lincoln at the arcade because he has to pretend to get shot over and over by people everyday. Black people in America are disproportionately targeted and killed by gun violence especially coming from police. Names like Trevon Martin and Breanna Taylor are famous examples though millions more could be referenced. It might also be hard to play Lincoln because Lincoln was famous for the emancipation proclamation and his death was brought about by a racist man who was angered by this. Lincoln (the character) has to make light everyday.

Lincoln’s monologue in scene four reveals that Lincoln hates his job but knows that its a better lifestyle than hustling. He explains that one day he just stopped enjoying three card monty but decided to keep doing it until his friend Lonny died. Lincoln wants more to his life than that. Lincoln really hates working in the arcade and hates his boss but knows that he can’t quit. I think that Lincoln is right to get away from hustling because it is so dangerous. I feel bad for him because his job is definitely dehumanizing.

The line that stood out the most for me was “Winter or summer thuh gun is always cold. And when the gun touches me they can feel that I’m warm and he knows I’m alive. And if I’m alive then he can shoot me dead.” This stood out to me because it’s horrifying to think about the deep dark impulses that people push down. It reminded me of an arcade I went to with my family on a vacation and there was a ‘game’ where you could watch an animatronic pretend to be put to death in an electric chair. I remember multiple people standing around it and watching and I ran away crying. Even though I enjoy learning about the morbid and macabre I can’t imagine taking pleasure in causing someone pain, even if simulated.

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