staying hydrated helps percent headaches B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

staying hydrated helps percent headaches B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e


  • What have you learned this week since beginning your learning activities?
  • How might this information affect your water drinking habits?
  • Why should we drink water?
  • Let’s say that you and a friend drink the same amount of water every day, but only one of you becomes thirsty and dehydrated. How is that possible?
  • How is dehydration different from water intoxication?
  • How do electrolytes and water intake relate to hypertension?
  • Consider citing or including references to relevant, current news sources that interest you and support your post and responses.

STUDENT 1 Response:

To say that I have learned a lot this week is an understatement. I have
always known that water is crucial in our diets to remain healthy, but
not to the extent of what I have read during this week’s learning
activities. I had never heard of water intoxication and had no idea that
we could basically overdose on water. Another thing I found to be
interesting is that bottled water and tap water really are not that
different. I have never liked the taste of tap water and prefer to drink
bottled water. Tap water has a weird after taste but the information
about the water bottles killing our planet makes me rethink how I will
consume my daily water. The importance of water to our bodies in all the
different aspects makes me want to take my water drinking more
seriously. We should be drinking water because without out, not only are
we not taking care of our bodies, the random headaches, muscle cramps,
and feeling fatigued are all linked to a lack of proper water intake in
our bodies. With water being so easily accessible, not taking advantage
of consuming it regularly for our health seems silly. Drinking water is
easy compared to the health issues that arise from not having enough
water in our diets. If a friend of mine and myself drank the same amount
of water every day, but only I become thirsty and dehydrated, it means
that my diet is high in sodium and my water intake is dissolving at a
faster rate to make up for the amount of sodium in my diet. It could
also mean my three main sodium levels found in electrolytes are not
balanced correctly. Dehydration and water intoxication are similar in
the symptoms it causes, but dehydration is the lack of enough water and
water intoxication is having too much water in our systems. Electrolytes
contain sodium, potassium, and chloride. When there is an imbalance of
our electrolytes due to high sodium, it can cause hypertension. Since a
lot of our foods today are consumed with different types of sodium for
taste, as well as a preservative, it is crucial to ensure we are keeping
our sodium levels down to prevent hypertension. Hypertension can lead
to many medical problems such as heart attack, stroke and even death. I
will make sure to cite or reference next week. I was not prepared for
the amount of reading and got a little behind.

STUDENT 2 Response

I danced for almost 20 years, and water was my life. I was so shocked when I started working in corporate America to see people walk into the office with huge coffees and big gulps. Big gulps at 8AM!?! ( I am not judging. I just was not aware of the lifestyle at the time). Water is not just a large percentage of our bodies but also of the earth. Water literally is life. It helps our bodies to keep things moving, flush things out of our system. It helps our skin. Staying hydrated helps percent headaches and fatigue.

It is never ideal to look to to your neighbor when it comes to personal water consumption. Every one of our body’s are different and there are a variety of factors that go into what amount of water is appropriate for each person. The difference between someone being dehydrated and someone being water intoxicated is the fact that one means the person’s water intake is at a deficit and the other means the person is intaking too much and they are suffering the effects of intake excess.

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