standard apa format – alphabetized H e a l t h M e d i c a l

standard apa format – alphabetized H e a l t h M e d i c a l

What is an annotated bibliography?

– it summarizes an entire work with a brief description
– it provides a review of the literature published/available on a given topic
– it illustrates the scope and quality of the literature research you have conducted
– assists readers to decide if a source is appropriate for their research
– it can inform the reader about the accuracy and relevance of a piece of research
– it often serves as the first step in a larger research project by helping the researcher organize the material and examine the potential use of each source. It enables the researcher to gain some perspective on a topic and to identify a good research question or thesis.

The annotated bibliography will include a list of references (in standard APA format – alphabetized by author, hanging indent). A commentary follows each listed reference and should include five elements of critical analysis: purpose, summary of argument/evidence, conclusion, credibility, and evaluation or critical analysis.

There are FIVE elements to include in an annotated bibliography:

Main evidence/Argument Conclusion
Critical Analysis

You will be writing a combination of all elements with emphasis on the summative. Notes that the first four elements are non-evaluative; the fifth element is evaluative. I suggest that you confine your evaluation to how you anticipate using this article in answering your PICO question.

Define your PICO Components (These should be used to help establish your search strategy)

Problem: dental caries has increased in the last month

Intervention: Sodium Fluoride

Comparison: Sodium Monofluorophosphate

Outcome: prevention of progression of dental caries

Grading Considerations:

Include only significant ideas and details

– Brevity (150-200 words per each reference; 2-3 paragraphs maximum)

– Double-spaced

– Conciseness (Make every word count)

– Use complete sentences (Not just phrases)

– No direct quotations. Use your own words. Do not cut and paste directly from a

database abstract.

– THREE references presented, listed in alphabetical order, APA 6th edition

– Structure

Paragraph 1: purpose, main evidence/arguments, conclusion

Paragraph 2: credibility and critical analysis

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