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Pick a real Fortune 500 company and discuss how it is using social and/or digital media as part of its integrated media communications for promotional purposes.

Each student must pick a different company and your choices are first-come, first served. If you want to discuss Apple but someone else has already picked Apple, you must choose a different company.

Be sure that all three of your posts include at least one online source that adds to the knowledge base of the discussion topic.

(target has been choose)


Target has accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and YouTube. All combined give the brand an exciting audience of at least 26.4 million people. Compared to other major retailers, Target shows a strong position, but it is not the leader. However, we know having followers is not the only thing that matters. Engaging with them can increase brand awareness by creating more touch-points with your customers, which ultimately helps to get new purchases.

Target’s engagement level is just a little under Amazon. But they achieve this by doing a lot less than their competitors. Target gives the audience material rich in color and situations—taking common products and placing them in funny situations and calling for its followers to imagine doing something different but related to the featured product purpose. They also segment their information into several categories like Baby, Target Style, Target Love, Good, Commercials, and Music.

Every channel they use ( Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Target’s Website) seem to have a purpose and a specific objective. On Instagram, for example, it is possible to find incredible pictures of everyday products. On Twitter, they call on people to comment on situations like what would you do with a certain product or “how to spend vacations without leaving home”? They also promote the achievements of their Nascar racing team. What they do on Facebook is something like a combination of their actions on Twitter and Instagram. On YouTube, consequently, they are featuring a series of how-to videos plus all their commercials. All of this is combined with traditional and digital media and also on-site experiences.

From my perspective, the combination they do of different media actions is incredible. It is clear how there is a consistent message all through their actions and postings. They call upon excitement, joy, fun, and the possibility to think something different from common situations. It’s a powerful messaging, just like their color scheme and logo.


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