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You have learned a great deal this term! You can now bring so much more to the table as a strategic manager. With the knowledge you’ve gained over the last eleven weeks, you’re also better prepared to contribute to the overall success of your team, project, or business.

This Week’s Discussion Post

For this week’s discussion, please respond to the following:

What have you learned in this course and program?

What would you have liked to learn in this class or program that was not covered?

  • Share three strengths you’ve acquired or existing skills in which you’ve become more proficient during this course.
  • Post at least one substantive comment to another student’s post.


SWOT Matrix


1. The company will enjoy a wide market contained in a hundred miles radius from the point of sale or service.

2. The company will ensure the engagement personnel that are equally capable of maintaining the equipment and knowledgeable enough to prevent unnecessary breakdowns that lead to job stoppages and waste.

3. Ready market as the city is flooded with series of vehicles and motorbikes

4.Capable staff to control cost and reduce waste to maximize profits


1. Being private, the government has total regulation over it

2. High cost of operations such as water

3. Environmental threats as a result of water wastages

4. Less profits as the prices are lowered

5. What are referred to as weaknesses are really challenges


1. Good number of cars in the city

2. Introduction of new car wash rules

3. Technology will improve the innovation such as the car washing machines

4. Except contractors that negotiate receivables to be settled later, this will be an opportunity to generate ready cash, the most liquid of all assets, and collateral acceptable by all financial institutions

5. Opportunity to meet current and future obligations and grow.


1. Government restrictions

2. Competition – some vehicle and fueling industries offer car wash as after service either at low cost or requesting only affordable tapes.

3. It contributes to environmental degradation hence charges could be pressed.

4. threat of on-the-job injuries and that of damaging customer’s mobile while work is in process.


Sparkle care wash is located at 1070 Congdon Ave, Stroudsburg, PA, 18360. For more than three decades, the company has been operated by Kevin Detrick and his mother as partners. They are committed to continuing to provide better car wash services and covet customer experience. It started its operation in 1981, and it has grown to meet customers’ desires and increase satisfaction.

It is located in a large state with more than 168,000 individuals, where they can manage to wash over 190,000 cars (Pröllochs & Feuerriegel, 2020).

Most of the Sparkle customers are men and women aged 30-45 years and have an average income earns of $ 250 and $1500 per year. And most of the approximately 34% have undergraduate degrees. Although its original location provided car wash service for more than two decades, Detrick and his team extended the car wash service to Benny, Pennsylvania, behind a well-established and known c-store chain just off Route 248. This new car wash assisted in reducing traffic in the local mall, which served as a destination location for the community (Zyndorf, 2021).

Most Sparkle car wash customers shop in Stroud mall. It is a shopping mall that is found in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. Its location is near The Poconos region, near the New Jersey border adjacent to Pennsylvania Route 611. Most Sparkle car wash customers drive Volvo, Jd power car, Ford, ted, and Mazda car type. Many people in Stroudsburg love sports adventure, which they do most of their leisure time (Zyndorf, 2021).

Sparkle car wash use equipment of high technology to provide quality and consistent car wash for each customer. This will enable them to minimize any chances of damage. Our price charges a very friendly and affordable to our customers. This has enabled us to maintain many customers over the years (Aleksandrovic, 2021).


Aleksandrovic, M. A. (2021). Neural network approaches companies’ marketing strategy problems identifying based on analysis of users discussions in social networks.

Pröllochs, N., & Feuerriegel, S. (2020). Business analytics for strategic management: Identifying and assessing corporate challenges via topic modeling. Information & Management, 57(1), 103070.

Zyndorf, B. (2021). The federally sponsored housing market crash: race, finance, and heartbreak in the Pocono Mountains (Doctoral dissertation, Rutgers University-Graduate School-Newark).

For this week’s discussion, please respond to the following:

  1. Complete the Marketing Vehicles Table, identifying the marketing vehicles you will use to reach your customers.
    • Be sure to include the cost of each marketing vehicle.
    • Add any additional notes under the table.
    • Delete the italicized examples.

The concept behind the triple bottom line is that companies are responsible to all their stakeholders. This includes everyone involved with the company, whether directly or indirectly. It also includes the planet on which we all live. This approach views shareholders as very important stakeholders. This approach also recognizes the need for companies to consider other important stakeholders in the company, including employees, customers, vendors, and the larger community.

Before writing this week’s discussion posting, review this MindTools article, The Triple Bottom Line: Measuring Your Organization’s Wider Impact, for more details on the triple bottom line.


For this week’s discussion, please respond to the following:

How would you implement the triple bottom line (people, planet, profit) concept at your chosen company, whether you are using the snack food company scenario or the company of your choice?

Keep the following format in mind as you complete this week’s discussion:

  • Profit: When looking at profit from this theory’s perspective, the idea is that profits will help empower and sustain the community as a whole. Profits are more than just a benefit for shareholders. Briefly explain your approach.
  • People: Describe your approach to caring about suppliers, customers, employees, and the community. For example, one way to care about employees is to provide a good working environment, training and development opportunities, and health care.
  • Planet: Explain your approach to minimizing your company’s impact on the environment. For example, your company might develop a process to minimize waste or reduce energy usage, such as using recycled materials in its production process.

Post at least one substantive comment to another student’s post. 

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