size .- article titles go W r i t i n g

size .- article titles go W r i t i n g

The ENTIRE introduction is only 2 paragraphs. It is broken down like this:

The first introduction paragraph should do the following three things in one paragraph:

1. Introduce Oryx and Crake with a brief summary (about 2-3 sentences only)

2. How does Atwood present pharmaceuticals?

* In 4-6 sentences, explain how Atwood treats this topic in her novel

* Refer to characters and events most directly related to this topic

* Cite any quotes, paraphrases, or summaries

3. In 1-2 sentences, move toward the idea that this issue does not just exist in a book, but in real life as well

The second introduction paragraph should do these two things in the same paragraph:

* End with your thesis.

* Your thesis should:

* Respond to the remaining 2 prompt questions (negative impacts and solutions for your topic)

* Be 1-2 sentences,

* Be clear, and

* Be specific.

* (See the thesis templates below for more help.)

* Your thesis should not talk about the novel


Additionally, remove the headings for each section.

-MLA does not use headings for papers of this size.

-Article titles go in “Quotations” to indicate that they are a title.

-You have some great quotes and analysis here. Make sure to always end

the paragraph on your analysis. In a few paragraphs, you end with a

quote. Make sure to conclude the paragraph with YOUR analysis of the


-Your conclusion should connect back to Oryx and Crake. Expand on the

significance here. Expand on this section: Why is it helpful? Why should

this be done? What happens if we do not? Do we turn into the society

from Oryx and Crake? “It is important to ensure that pharmaceutical

companies are competent and transparent as they affect a vital part of

human beings which is health efficient healthcare leads to the

well-being of people, and this can only be achieved where the products

are up to standards and efficiently distributed.”

Make sure the citations on the Annotated Bib are in MLA formatting.

Notice the date at the end. Here is a source for finding more info on


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