single spaced length ). H u m a n i t i e s

single spaced length ). H u m a n i t i e s

Subject: Nefertiti Bust

Request: Prepare an essay of approximately 2-3 pages (single spaced length). The paper should include a brief (non-annotated version) of your bibliography ( the annotated bibliography for this work is attached in word document). The bibliography counts toward the length of your paper. The following elements need to be present in the work:

  1. Describe the history of the object: the culture that created it and how and when (approximately) the object was created.
  2. Explain how the object (or objects of its general type) was intended to be used in the cultural life of the community. In this section of the paper, be sure you are applying concepts you have learned throughout the semester. For instance, if the object was important for religious regions be sure to explain what type of religious ritual it was using the concepts from class. If the object was used to obtain food, explain what the object tells us about the specific food system the culture was using.
  3. Explain how the object was obtained by a museum. It may not be possible to discover, but try to determine in general the circumstances that contributed. For instance, we learned that in the 1700s and 1800s, many Native American objects were stolen due to colonization. If you cannot find a specific explanation, you should offer some theories based on what was happening to the culture at the time (colonization, war, migration, etc.). You may need to conduct some research to find out what was happening to the culture during the period in time the object was made.
  4. Indicate whether or not the culture that created the object (or objects like it) has requested its return. If so, briefly explain the status of the request such as when it was made and what has happened since. If not, briefly provide your opinion about reasons why the request may not have been made.
  5. In a concluding paragraph, provide your own opinion about whether this object should stay in the museum or whether it should be returned. In your answer, you will need to weigh the research and educational value of having the object on display against the possibility that the object was taken from a group of people who wanted to keep it. Keep in mind that not all objects have equal research or educational value and an object might have more value to its creators than it does to outsiders. Likewise, some objects might be better kept in museums for various reasons. Be sure you have explained the reasons for your opinion.
  6. Add one photograph to your paper. It could be a photo of the object or something else related to it.
  7. You must include information from at least 2 information sources in your paper and use in-text
  8. Include a MLA formatted bibliography. This version of the bibliography does not have to include annotations.

citations to show the places where you have incorporated information from sources. For instance,

The content of the paper must be your own original writing. No grammar errors are accepted.

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