show real impact across regions ). H u m a n i t i e s

show real impact across regions ). H u m a n i t i e s

In a 6-paragraph essay, do the following:

1) Write an introduction in which you define “Southernization” in completeness and describe why it is important to understand. You may not use Shaffer’s words — you may only use your own words. Putting this in your own words and making sure you are complete and accurate is the only way to get credit here.

2) In paragraphs 2-6, discuss FIVE developments that were essential to Southernization (one development per paragraph, making sure to selec those that permit you to show real impact across regions). Again, be complete, and select your examples attentively. Use primarily your own words to paraphrase the content in the article, and you must cite Shaffer with page numbers, even in the sentences that are in your own words. An essay that does not cite often cannot score well. You may include one quotation per paragraph, and it cannot be more than 25 words. For all citations, do them like this: (Shaffer 1994, 3) the 3 is the page number there, so yours will be different, depending on the page you are quoting.

Make it very clear you read the entire article. Do not assume you can write on pages 1-5 and that will suffice; it will not. Be complete.

A development is NOT a region. Do not lose points by just summarizing what regions did. You must select the most compelling developments and cover various regions. Show you read in detail and write about those developments wherever they became important.

No conclusion is necessary.

There is no word count minimum or maximum, but strive to be very complete: you will be graded on completeness and accuracy, as well as following the rules above. Do not write something short and be done. For each development you trace, look through the entire article to follow it. Be complete as depth matters here. You will also be graded on appropriate formal language and an effort at proper punctuation. Spelling should be extremely accurate.

Remember, a region is not a development. Do not make that mistake. Reflect on the prompt as you write.

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