short paper analyzing rithy panh ’ H u m a n i t i e s

short paper analyzing rithy panh ’ H u m a n i t i e s

This writing assignment asks you to write a short paper analyzing Rithy Panh’s film, The Missing Picture (2014) by answering ONE of the following of prompt questions below.

For this assignment, you must write a three-page (maximum four-page) essay answering one of the prompt questions below. Your essay should be neatly typed and doubled spaced (with one-inch margins, and be sure to number and collate your pages). More important, please structure your essay around a thesis statement, and organize your visual analysis and discussion of two specific scenes from the film into a cohesive argument.

Note: Please be sure to choose two specific scenes from the film that enable you to substantiate your argument.

This writing assignment requires no research beyond reading Rithy Panh, “Cambodia: A Wound That Will Not Heal” (note, this article can be found on pages 31, 32 and 33 of the pdf file and Boreth Ly, “Introduction: Traces of Trauma (note: read pages 1-4, both pdf are can be found on Canvas, week 7). Also when appropriate, please reference Panh’s article in proper footnotes (or endnotes) in MLA style. There are many different styles of footnotes and endnotes. Please use the Chicago Style of footnotes and endnotes

Please note also that we do not accept Web sites as sources (i.e., do not use Google or Wikipedia for this assignment).

Prompt Questions:

1) When you consider the title of the film, The Missing Picture, what do you think the film is about? What kinds of pictures are missing? Who is erasing images of the past? Who do these “missing pictures” belong to? Do you think the “missing pictures” of a bygone culture and of former lives can ever be retrieved from an archive or from the collective memories of the survivors of the Khmer Rouge genocide and revolution?

2) How does Rithy Panh (the filmmaker) go about retrieving images from the archive? What kinds of images (still and moving images) did he make use of and integrate into his film? Do you think Panh made effective use of these archival images? In your opinion, to what genre of film (or films) does The Missing Picture belong? Is it a biodocumentary? How effective is Panh’s use of clay figurines (note: the clay figurines are created Cambodian artist, Mang Sarith) as proxies in narrating his life (and the lives of other victims and perpetrators) and in conveying the violence and trauma that happened to him and his family members?

3) In your own words, please define “archive.” Discuss the different types of archive that Rithy Panh employs in The Missing Picture. Please do not google and just try to think on your terms after having watched the film carefully, what are some of the archives that Panh made use of and how do these different archives destabilized conventional definition of a physical archive?

See attachment for detailed instruction and reading materials

See attach an outline and plagiarism report with the paper. Be sure to indicate which prompt you chose and subtitles are allowed

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