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There are several disorders that DSM 5 has stopped diagnosing as anxiety, yet many textbooks and practitioners still see anxiety as playing a role in them. These include Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, as well as, Trichotillomania, Skin Picking and Hoarding. Many of you have mentioned hoarding in the previous discussion so I will not put too much emphasis on it, though we can certainly discuss it if you’d like. I’d like for us to discuss the anxiety and other symptoms that is felt in different disorders. Read (re-read) the section in your text on OCD and Related Disorders, review your slides and check out the videos that I will attach. Please let me know if you have trouble opening them – that is always a challenge on blackboard! To make it a little more interesting, I’d like for you to imagine yourself as any one of the individuals who are on the videos attached (I may also attach them on a separate thread). Although I want your thoughts on all these disorders, you can start by talking about the one that made the most impact on you. We can respond to each other’s posts and learn about all of them. Make sure you respond to these questions:

1) Do you see them as part of the anxiety disorders or do you think they are sufficiently different than anxiety to be in a different category, like PTSD and Dissociative Disorders are?

2) None of these disorders is preferable to another; however, think in terms of symptoms and impaired functioning, and discuss which of these you would find more manageable, if you were to have it?

3) Which disorder do you have the most difficulty understanding?

I am adding 3-4 videos for these disorders. The videos must be accessed through Google Drive. These are the links (treatment of OCD)


Body Dysmorphic Disorder


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