several common social media violations W r i t i n g

several common social media violations W r i t i n g

Below is a piece written by someone. Need response (your thoughts and opinions) to this on this article. 1-2 paragraphs

According to The Intercept (Lacy, 2020), in May 2020, a nurse was investigated by an NYC Health and Hospital in the Bronx for sending and sharing video footage of herself and colleagues mourning the loss of a coworker who passed away from the coronavirus, online. Coincidentally, the coworker discussed in the video footage, whose identity and cause of death were revealed within the video’s contents, happened to be a patient at this Bronx hospital.

The scenario described did not abide by various ethical standards, such as autonomy, respect for rights and dignity, justice. For example, the coworker/patient that passed due to Covid was no longer living and unable to make any decisions on his or her behalf, and not able to express whether they wanted their PHI to be disclosed. The decision of the nurse to discuss the person’s cause of death, was unfair to the patient. The patient’s rights and dignity were not respected as well.

This incident is very complex and can create a lot of conflict between the patients living family and loved ones as well as the hospital, due to the disclosure of the patient’s PHI, cause of death, and all occuring without the hospitals’ knowledge. This incident has several common social media violations as well as HIPAA and HITECH violations. The nurse’s actions can now impose federal violations, and penalties upon herself and the hospital facility. These actions should be avoided at all costs. It is extremely necessary for careful action to be taken to maintain privacy while promoting continuity of care, most importantly with evolving healthcare systems which are highly immersed in today’s technology, in the mist of this novel pandemic (Lenert & McSwain, 2020).

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