september 21 – medieval manuscriptsu2 W r i t i n g

september 21 – medieval manuscriptsu2 W r i t i n g

First,choose from among the following periods in Medieval art history.

Next, review, research and write what you think is most important to know about this topic. Use previous pages and the following links to support your response. Read and summarize the information using sources provided or any other sources that might be relevant (check with your instructor). How does this period characterize the Middle Ages? What is important to know about it? Write the information down in your notes.

Early Christian art

Byzantine art

Carolingian art

Ottonian art

Romanesque art

Gothic art

Finally, create a timeline for your chosen period. Select specific works of art—at least two of the following: painting, sculpture, or work of architecture—to illustrate examples used for discussion.

Take a photo of your timeline and upload it to the file

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