september 21 lecture ).# brief quotes W r i t i n g

september 21 lecture ).# brief quotes W r i t i n g

Students are required to write a short response paper on one of the following readings:

1- Bijker, W. (1997), “The Majesty of Day light: The Social Construction of Fluorescent Lighting”

2- Johnson, J. (a.k.a. Bruno Latour), “Mixing Humans and Nonhumans Together: The Sociology of a Door-Closer”.

Students might consider addressing the following two items in their submissions:

1. The most important thing I learned from the readings was…

2. The (point, concept, idea) I still don’t understand is…

The purpose of this exercise is to provide students with an opportunity to discuss aspects of the readings, integrate other material into the paper, or to raise questions about what was unclear or unanswered by the readings. A secondary purpose is to ensure that students have an opportunity to provide me with feedback on the readings and their progress in the course.

Students will be graded on their level of engagement with the reading (depth, comprehensiveness, appropriate citations – 18pts, 6pts each)), their understanding of the reading and of the concepts it introduces (or their acknowledgement and description of their struggle – simply saying “I didn’t get it” will not do) (18pts), and the clarity and the economy of expression. (4pts)

Guidelines: (Note: marks will be taken off if basic writing and referencing requirements are not met):

#Use your lecture notes, slideshows, and lecture recordings

#Provide an introductory paragraph of the key points and concepts to be covered.

# Answer directly and use simple, clear, precise language.

# Define (all) your concepts and any technical term introduced and used.

#State/reference your sources (use either footnotes, endnotes, or in-text citations within brackets).

#When citing the lectures, slideshows, and recordings, a simple lecture date is enough (for example: September 21 Lecture).

#Brief quotes from the course readings are expected and must be properly cited and referenced: quotation marks and italic font for citations; page numbers of the reading for referencing.

# No external source material is needed. However, you must give complete references for any outside source used: provide the name of author, title, publisher, publication place and date, and page numbers, as applicable.

# No bibliography is needed: simply provide appropriate citations and consistent referencing (using either footnotes, endnotes, or in-text citations within brackets).

#Your paper should include a cover page stating your name, student number, course title and number, the name of the professor, the title of the chosen reading, and the submission date.

Although students won’t be graded on grammar, spelling and punctuation, they should not forget to spell-check their papers.

#Submit/upload your exam on Brightspace on December 15 before midnight.

Writing format requirements: the answer should be approximately four to six pages long, double spaced, typed, with 1-inch margins and using 12 pt font. Note: the length requirement is only an estimate of how much writing is needed in order to provide a complete answer; this is not something you will be graded on. It could be longer (but not really shorter).

Late penalty: A late penalty of 1 point (out of 40) per day, including the weekend, will be deducted for lateness.

In the event of a medical emergency or other serious problem, an extension to the assignment may be granted but only if I am contacted prior to the deadline.

Plagiarism: Don’t!

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