semester 4 drafts :- memoir draft .- report draft .- review draft .- commentary draft H u m a n i t i e s

semester 4 drafts :- memoir draft .- report draft .- review draft .- commentary draft H u m a n i t i e s

Good afternoon,

I have two question here I want you to help me on it.

1- Compose the rough draft of your reflective essay. (850-1000 words).

I do in this semester 4 drafts:

Memoir draft.

-Report draft.

– Review draft.

-Commentary draft.

write anything how I improve.

For the self-reflective essay you should go back through all of your drafts, and think about the work you have produced this semester. Focus on the good as well as the ways you can improve. Then, you will look at the LENG 111 Learning Outcomes and draft an essay in which you reflect on the development of your writing over the course of the semester.

  • Read through the LENG 111 Learning Outcomes, below, and decide which ones you wish to focus on in your essay. You may wish to choose 3-5 outcomes on which to focus, including at least one that you still need to work on.
    • Revise your work with attention to purpose, development, style, grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
    • Collaborate productively with your peers and instructor.
    • Employ a variety of rhetorical strategies and analytical processes.
    • Use writing strategies and processes to write for different audiences and purposes.
    • Demonstrate an understanding of your part in the university discourse community and how its written conventions operate.
    • Employ a variety of technologies to address a range of audiences.
    • Reflect on your own development as a writer.
  • Your introduction should discuss why college-level writing is important to you, your future as a university student, and/or your future career.
  • Your thesis should make an argument about how your writing has progressed over the course of the semester and what you still need to work on.
  • Your body paragraphs should be structured as follows:
    • Your topic sentence (claim) should describe (or quote) a chosen writing outcome and the degree to which you’ve met that outcome.
    • Your support should quote from and paraphrase specific evidence from your essays. When quoting, say which essay you’re discussing and specify who said it (you, a classmate, or me—you can use 2nd person to talk to me directly, since I’m your primary audience). You don’t need in-text citations or a works cited page for this essay.
    • Your explanation should describe how your evidence supports the outcome.
  • Your conclusion should look to the future and lay out a plan for how you will continue to work on your writing in future composition courses, in other classes (for your major, maybe), and/or in life. What do you hope to achieve through writing?
  • Be sure to revise your self-reflective essay. You should upload a polished final draft to the ePortfolio. The Writing & Research Center can help you with revising/polishing your essay.

2 – polished/revised copy of your Review Project to represent Your Very Best Work.

this one I will attached a word doc. for the last review project with the guidelines.

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