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Hi, I completed a paper on Worldviews and my instructor returned it twice with feedback on a section that I keep getting incorrect. Can you revise my paper based on the instructor’s feedback? I have attached my paper as well as the instructors feedback. The original instructions are below:

Committee Brief
Now that you’ve reflected on your worldview and its effect on how you navigate the world, you are ready to start researching. As a committee member, you will investigate the social, political, and cultural situations of another country and report what you learn to the group.

  1. Choose a country to research.

    Choose a country that you are not familiar with and would like to learn more about.

    Note: For this project, you should assume that ASF’s worldview is the same as your own. For this reason, you must investigate a country that’s different from your own.

  2. Research your chosen country.

    Use the Country Analysis Questions document (attached to help you research your chosen country’s social, political, and cultural situations.

    If you would like to, you can do some of your own research beyond the country profiles information provided in the Supporting Materials section. Remember to use authoritative sources and cite them in your work.

  3. Explore how ASF could conduct operations in your selected country.

    The committee wants you to present your findings in a committee brief. Remember to assume that ASF’s worldview is the same as your own and base your responses on that. In your committee brief, include the following information:

    • The name of your selected country
    • A summary of the country’s geography, government, health, education, culture, economy, and history
    • A discussion of how you think various groups in your selected country would perceive ASF’s work:
      • What potential sources of conflict do you expect? Brainstorm and describe at least three.
      • How do people in your own country interact in groups and at work? How does this compare to your selected country?
    • Propose at least three actionable solutions to address potential conflict and foster collaboration. Consider the following question:
      • If ASF started working in the country that you chose, what recommendations would you make to support collaboration and avoid conflict between differing worldviews?

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