Select a current issue in the field of adolescent development.

Select a current issue in the field of adolescent development. You may choose an issue that has directly affected your personal development or an issue of personal interest.,, ,,Possible topics could be (but are not limited to) sexual abuse, depression in adolescents, bullying, eating disorders, drug use, effect of violent entertainment, issues of lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgendered adolescents, or dealing with ADHD during adolescence.,, ,,Include a description of the issue and its connection to specific, significant concepts we have been studying. In other words, you need to link what you have found out about your issue with what our text says.,, ,,All of your sources must be reliable, and in addition to our textbook, you need to have at least three from scholarly, peer-reviewed journals.,, ,,Also, where would a consumer find out information about your issue if they were surfing the web?Include two websites that you have evaluated to be valid and reliable, and support why you feel these are good sites to go to.,, ,,Describe and discuss any controversies associated with your issue and a summary of how your own understanding of this problem has changed as a result of completing this assignment,,Must be 5-6 pages long plus reference page.