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Task Number Six Executive Summary

The content of the executive summary will be dependent on the nature of the Service-Learning Project. Thus, students should be careful to modify the approach presented here to meet project needs. The executive summary is a Service-Learning Project overview and it is best if completed at the end of the project.


In working with Task #6, the primary role of the project manager(s) is to assist the project team in understanding the purpose and the steps involved in generating an actionable and meaningful executive summary for the project as a whole. The project manager(s) will act as the subject matter consultant(s) and/or the expert(s) on the process of generating an executive summary.


Business leaders frequently have very little time to study lengthy reports and place their trust in the ability of their subordinates to summarize all of the key decision-making facts in a concise manner – ready for action. These materials may then be scanned at a glance and the appropriate feedback can be offered to a subordinate and/or a project team so that the business may move forward.

Writing an Executive Summary is not difficult, once an individual has practiced a few times. The structure consists of the following parts, always in exactly this order:

  1. Concise statement of the business problem and/or project to be discussed in the Executive Summary.
  2. Brief statement of the action that the writer is seeking from the business leader. (If the Executive Summary is written to provide information and does not seek permission to move ahead or require any other type of decision, this step can be eliminated.)
  3. Results obtained by the individual and/or the project team that need to be shared with the business leader.
  4. Process used by the individual and/or project team to generate the results.
  5. Brief description of any unresolved issues.
  6. Final wrap-up statement once again asking for concurrence by the business leader or stating that the individual and/or the project team is available to answer more questions as needed, if no decision is being requested.

The Executive Summary is frequently no more than a single-spaced page – (or no more than two double-spaced pages). Keeping everything brief and to the point is essential.

Here is an example of and executive summary.(upload file)


This section should be no longer than two double-spaced pages in the written summary. Please note that this section should be pulled together by the team as a whole (if you work as a team) — where the main content of this material might be the same across all of the written summaries submitted by members of a given team in the course. However, this is still an individual work that I would like you to practice how to write the executive summary. So, each member will be submitting his/her own executive summary.

Begin by collecting the information to be included in the executive summary, and then, work through one or more drafts to get the information into the proper order. Be careful to avoid “telling the story” of the Service-Learning Project in narrative form from beginning to end. The executive summary follows a very unique format with the results provided first and the “how we did it” section provided much later within the body of the written summary. Executive summaries should be addressed to the client.

Please note that this executive summary does not require references.

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