school administrators parents school board members teachers business charitable organizations H u m a n i t i e s

school administrators parents school board members teachers business charitable organizations H u m a n i t i e s

If the first letter of your last name begins with A-H:

1. While we always hope to have positive interactions with families that lead to better learning opportunities for children, there are times conflicts may occur when families get involved.  Brainstorm some potential problems for the teacher and for children when families get involved in the educational process.  Identify the type of barrier that may be the cause for the conflicts listed.

Hasnaa Idrissi

Oct 12, 2021 at 8:24 P

2. Home visits are important tools for learning about children and families. Brainstorm a list of possible things you might learn from a home visit, and then list potential barriers to home visiting. What programs in your area include home visits?

I haven’t had any experience with home visits before, but as a mother I think I would benefit

from home visits on learning about my child’s age appropriate development, such as, If my child

has a problem with physical development in gross and fine motor skills, adaptive, social, and language growth. Also, they will give me a way for my kids about how to play with other children in parallel play and interacting play, and how to teach my kids how to take turns, and also, they will help me how to organize my children play space. In addition, they will educate me how to become a teacher in my child’s life, then how to support my kids during leisure and social activities. As well as How to teach my child to dress and undress independently. I can also benefit on how to let my kids depend on themselves, they can also help me to give an idea about potty training, and how to teach my child take care of toileting independently, learn new skills and techniques to give my child the best start.

Meanwhile as a teacher I believe the home visits will help me learn about the child’s culture and

home situation which will give me a clear view on how to adjust my lesson plans to meet the

child’s needs, and assist the parents with tools they need to use to help and support their child

development and self-esteem.

list potential barriers to home visiting.

Parents face obstacles, such as Language differences impede Communication between parents

and staff, and make it difficult to make relationships, also Cultural, social, and economic

differences affect them, lack of parent education and parenting skills. sometimes the content is

not suitable for parents.

What programs in your area include home visits?

In my area programs include home visits is Head start.

Janet Rocha

Oct 12, 2021 at 8:49 PM

As you think about the community in which you live, create a list of resources that could be useful to you as an early care and learning professional.

  • Resources that could be useful to me as an early care learning professional based on my community would be health and psychology programs/resources, nutrition resources, dual language programs, community helpers; such as doctors, dentists to share information to students about the importance of good health and good dental care, educational resources; programs to help children advanced in math, reading, social skills, and science, also resources to help children with disabilities, and any resources, in general, that will benefit the low income community.

Where might you go for field trips?

  • Places that children can benefit from is getting out into the local community such local bakery can help children understand food production and distribution, getting involved in the community such as planting, clean parks, contributing to the community can make an impact on children and families in a positive way. Also educational field trips such as California Science Center, The Aquarium of the pacific, Observatory, Museums, parks, gardens, zoos, farms, and historical sites.

What materials and supplies could you potentially get for free or at a reduced price?

  • Community businesses are often generous in their donations of money and materials in support of local early care and education. Using teacher discounts is also a way to potentially get material and supplies at a reduced price. Websites to get free books or reduced price books.

Identify community members you could invite to visit your classroom.

  • School Administrators
  • Parents
  • School Board members
  • Teachers
  • Business charitable organizations

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