Scholarly paper revision | Human Resource Management homework help

In its basic form, to revise means “to see again.” Building revision into your scholarly writing practice allows you to see the content again with fresh eyes. It also relieves pressure on you to write something perfect in the first draft. Through revision, you can better mold that first draft into a logically organized paper with clearer sentences and a strong scholarly voice.

Revision involves more than simply addressing spelling or grammar errors. “Seeing again” means you may need to take a risk and change something large—like the sequence of topics or the paragraph structure—in order to make a paper demonstrably better.

To Prepare

  • Do additional literature searches in the library to enrich your paper as needed. 
  • Write a 1 page summary to explain your revision process. What did you revise and why? How will you prepare to apply your writing and revision process moving forward? Identify specific plans, strategies, and/or resources you will use.