scholarly journal called african american review H u m a n i t i e s

scholarly journal called african american review H u m a n i t i e s

In items #1-10 below, I’ve given you information for a source, but that information is presented in a jumbled order, as if it were taken as notes (see the Sample). You are to take the information provided for each source and put it into the correct order to create a proper Works Cited citation in MLA format.

1. The source is a book by Thomas G. Mitchell entitled Anti-Slavery Politics in Antebellum and Civil War America. It was published by Praeger in 2007.

2. The source is a magazine article by George F. Kennan entitled “America’s Unstable Soviet Policy.” It appears on pages 71 through 80 of The Atlantic Monthly. Kennan’s article is printed in the November 1982 issue.

3. The source is a newspaper article published in the Los Angeles Times. This appeared on page B6 and was originally published on November 24th, 1992. You read the article on April 23rd, 2011. You found the article using MasterFILE Premiere, an EBSCO electronic database. The title of the article is “Urban Planning and Neighborhood Voices.”

4. The source is an essay by Stuart Levine entitled “Emerson and Modern Social Concepts.” The essay is one of several essays by different authors in an anthology entitled Emerson: Prospect and Retrospect. The essay appears on pages 155 through 178 of the book. The editor is Joel Porte. The book was published in 1982 by Harvard University Press.

5. The source is a newspaper article entitled “Listening to Prozac.” The article originally appeared in the New York Times on September 12th, 1992, on page A17. You found this source on May 5, 2007 using Newspaper Source, an EBSCO electronic database. The author of the article is Alex Ross.

6. The source is from an online website called PAL: Perspectives in American Literature. The author is Paul Reuben. The article is titled “Harlem Renaissance–An Introduction.” The website address is: This information was posted on October 15, 1995. You read the article on August 31, 2012.

7. The source is an article entitled “Big Sugar’s Sweet Little Lies,” first published in the November/December, 2012 issue of Mother Jones. You accessed online version of the article on June 21, 2016. It was written by Gary Taubes and Cristin Kearns Couzens. The URL is: The source is a review of the film Batman Forever, which was directed by Joel Schumacher. The title of the review is “Come Back to the Batmobile, Robin Honey.” The review appeared on pages 55 and 56. It was published in The Harvard Gay and Lesbian Review in volume 35, issue number 4 in 1995. The author is Michael Zam.

9. The source is “The Possibility Dogs,” a radio interview with Susannah Charleson, author of a book about rescue dogs. You accessed this online at

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