say “ communication problem ,” W r i t i n g

say “ communication problem ,” W r i t i n g


In your role as an I/O consultant, you belong to a professional organization with a very active discussion forum. In the forum, you will present a current news story that demonstrates a work-related issue. Your current news story will be within the last six months. As the I/O consultant, you will critically review the news story and reflect and consider all aspects and viewpoints the author provides. You will also note viewpoints that are not emphasized or not included.

PART1:In your initial post, state the title of the news story and include the link so that others can access the story. Briefly summarize the story and explain the work-related issue/dilemma and how it relates to a topic covered in the course. Your post must be at least 200 words and show a clear connection between the news story/event and the course material.

Read the reviews from the other I/O consultants and reply with meaningful comments to a minimum of two of them.


You powerpoint must be five to ten pages in duration and include supporting visual aids, should include clear identification of the problem. You should create a realistic scenario. Don’t just say “communication problem,” which describes how that plays out among team members in the workspace. Be sure to include enough detail. Is this a problem among just two individuals? A subgroup? The whole team or department? What are the consequences of this problem?

For each video, you will identify a problem or issue that you have experienced or observed in a workplace and fully describe it. You’ll discuss how this problem relates to one or more topics covered in class. Specifically discuss how the class concepts, issues, and theories relate to the problem. Be specific and thorough. Provide insights, recommendations, and/or solutions that address the issues or solve the problem. Include any barriers or challenges that might arise when implementing your suggestions. Make sure that you incorporate scholarly research in both your discussion of the issue and your proposed recommendations. Cite your sources.

Consider these questions:

  • What theories and concepts from psychology are operating in this situation?
  • How can these principles be used to work toward a solution? What does a solution look like? How does it differ from the problem state? Be specific for your scenario.
  • What challenges will you and the management face in trying to implement a change or solution? How difficult will it be? How much time will it take? How will you know when things are improved?

This module week’s vlog should be about the background of I/O psychology or research methods in I/O psychology.

Be sure to relate how your real-world issue fits in the context of the historical development or the foundational research of I/O. For example, how the development of workplace violence or sexual harassment has developed over time.

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