saudi arabian culture .” W r i t i n g

saudi arabian culture .” W r i t i n g


Create a PowerPoint presentation. You will pick a subculture of any country in the world and present your findings in the presentation


Students must research and find any culture or subculture from their chosen country and create a presentation on that culture. Students can use any motivation or passion to help them choose which culture to present. If you are passionate about dancing, arts, architecture, music, human rights/women’s rights, sports, sci-fi, drinking, family life, comic books, church/religion, theater/movies, government groups, or whatever else, these all can be perfect motivations for your search.

Please remember to stick closely to the people – if you do government groups I do not want to learn about all about the institutions (branch of government, electoral processes, etc.) as much as the people/culture within those institutions. What do they believe? How do they act/learn? For another example, if you do food I do not want to see recipes for the entire presentation. Instead, I want to know how people connect over this food and why culturally it is significant. As long as you’re describing how people connect and enjoy these subcultures, you are on the right track.

Presentation Guidelines:

The PowerPoint should be between 6-8 slides long and include a Works Cited page at the end (the Works Cited page DOES NOT count as part of your 6-8 slides).

The presentation should be informative and well-edited and designed with lots of colorful pictures. Whether it is using a PowerPoint, a Prezi, an interactive video, or anything else, use the appropriate medium to cover the topics and information researched. Creativity is encouraged and usually rewarded in your overall grade

The student should start with an introductory slide with your name and the chosen subculture.

The student should end with a concluding slide to quickly re-summarize what your presentation was about.

Finally, at the beginning, I would like to see why you chose this topic. This can be a simple/quick bullet point so long as you address why you decided on the subculture you chose.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: You have the entire world to choose from so make sure you choose something you’re interested in so it can be an enjoyable experience!


Students will be graded on how well:

– they are prepared. The presentation shouldn’t look like you copied and pasted information onto the Powerpoint and submitted it seconds before the deadline.

– their topic is about the people of a subculture (NOTover national culture or over statistics or something non-human. To be clear — a national culture would be “Saudi Arabian Culture.” If this is your topic you will be heavily counted off. If you pick a subculture within that country, like “Weddings in Saudi Arabia,” then you are correct.)

– the presentation is informative and on topic

– they organize their information in a logical sequence, including an intro and conclusion.

-they include a quick comment about why the chose their topic

– they make sure to take care of the presentation of the presentation, including well edited/designed slides with colorful pictures of the chosen subculture to bring to life the information you are presenting over.

-there should be a Works Cited or References slide at the end. This DOES NOT count as part of your 6-8 slides.

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