sample video found using H u m a n i t i e s

sample video found using H u m a n i t i e s

Your final project will focus on one area of high quality infant and toddler care and education that interests you and you would like to reflect on, and summary of the learning about this topic, supplemented by information and experience gained throughout the past few semesters.

The Final Project will include: A Final Paper including a compilation of resources, and A Presentation about your chosen topic.

The Final Paper will be organized into four (4) sections:

1.A detailed description of your chosen area of focus including:

oWhy you chose this area of focus both from a personal perspective and as a progression of learning and information gathering over the last few semesters.

oA Definition of the Topic

oEvidence that it is a Recommended Practice for infants and toddlers in group care, what quality looks like, and research and evidence to support it as a high-quality component or practice for this age group. Citations and research are expected in this section. (25 points)

2.A vignette or example of what this practice looks like in action

oThis must be an original example with supporting photos (can be from outside sources), documentation/forms, etc. (10 points)

3.A compilation of research based and reputable resources that are related to the topic of choice. This can be a reference list. (10 points)

4.A reflection of how you would use the information gathered to inform your work in your internship and/or how you would explain it to colleagues or families. (10 points)

Total Final Paper Points: 55

Possible topics include: Primary Caregiving, Continuity of Care, Representing Home Culture in child care settings, the components of a high quality environment, planning for routines and transitions, a specific philosophy of care, specific Professional Standards, Family Child Care, Early Head Start

Final Presentation

In this 10-15 minute presentation to your classmates and your fellow students, you will highlight and summarize what you think is most important for us to know and understand about your chosen topic. In your presentation, be sure to include the following points:

The reason that you chose this topic in relation to your experience, your future experience, and your interests and knowledge thus far

The definition of your topic and a brief summary about it.

An example of what this topic looks like in action in an early care setting (can be a sample video found using an outside source)

A reflection of how you would use the information gathered to inform your work in your internship

Total Presentation Points: 25

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