sample employee handbook templateprime time healthcare employee handbookhendricks community hospital association employee handbook W r i t i n g

sample employee handbook templateprime time healthcare employee handbookhendricks community hospital association employee handbook W r i t i n g

Week 6

Healthcare Policy and Economics APA Style Question

Part 1

Discussion Prompt 1-3 Paragraphs

Complete your Week 6 discussion prompt.

The article below reviews racial and ethnic minorities in relation to low health literacy and poor outcomes. This means that individuals who have little or no understanding of medical terminology, or have little or no reading skills have less chance of being healthy or improving on their health (Housten et al., 2019).

  • If you were on the board of a health clinic in a low-income area, what type of policies do you believe would improve the health outcome of your community?
  • Is it important for board members to know members of the community? Why or why not?

Housten, A. J., Hoover, D. S., Correa-Fernández, V., Strong, L. L, Heppner, L., et al. (2019). Associations of acculturation with English- and Spanish-language health literacy among bilingual Latino adults. Health Literacy Research and Practice. 3(2), 81–89. doi:10.3928/24748307-20190219-01

Use in-text citations when you quote or paraphrase information. Use APA Style to cite and reference the article and any additional sources that you use.

Students – here is a great article to compliment your reading for the discussion this week.

According to Cunningham (2018) the health of people with low incomes often suffers because they can’t afford adequate housing, food, or child care. Such living conditions, and the stress they cause, can lead to higher rates of tobacco and alcohol use and increase the risk of health problems developing or worsening over time. In addition, partly because they are more likely to be unable to afford care, people with low-incomes use fewer preventive care services. As a result, there are fewer opportunities for practitioners to assess and educate these patients about their health risks. Even when low-income people do see health care providers, the social needs like poor housing that may affect their health and complicate treatment are rarely addressed. If health plans and providers can better meet the needs of these patients, such Watch Video

Health Literacy

Duration: 1:37
User: n/a – Added: 11/12/14

Watch Video

Health Literacy and Cultural Competency

Duration: 3:21
User: n/a – Added: 2/19/16

Watch Video

How Effective Healthcare Communication Contributes to Health Equity

Duration: 7:15
User: n/a – Added: 5/21/12

Watch Video

Healthcare: Assisting Older Adults Who Have Low Health Literacy

Duration: 4:03
User: n/a – Added: 10/7/18

Watch Video

The Challenge of Healthcare Literacy

Duration: 1:17
User: n/a – Added: 9/1/17

Watch Video

What is Health Literacy?

Duration: 3:09
User: n/a – Added: 8/17/20

Part 2 (Please Separate this part to a different Word Document)

Week 6 Assignment: Employee Handbook Policy and Procedure

Objective: Explain the importance of a properly crafted Employee Handbook as the first policy and procedure manual presented to onboarding employees.

For this assignment, you will create a section of the policy and procedure manual, Employee Handbook. Every new onboarding employee should receive a well-written employee handbook in the first week of the job, preferably the first day. The handbook includes information including dress code, paid time off, and termination.

Imagine that you are leading a healthcare organization. You will write one section of an employee handbook for your organization. Choose from the following five sections:

  • Dress code
  • Anti-discrimination policy
  • Anti-harassment policy
  • Substance-free workplace policy
  • Taking disciplinary action

Compose the section exactly as it would be included in the employee handbook. Do not copy and paste something from another employee handbook. Create your own.

  • Include a handbook cover page. Your cover page should reflect the type of organization you are representing.
  • Be sure to identify the size and type of organization you are writing the policy for.
  • In addition, provide one to two paragraphs explaining the importance of employee policies as outlined in an employee handbook.
    • What significance do these policies have for new and veteran employees?

There are many great templates on the Internet. Here are a few handbook examples:

  • Sample Employee Handbook Template
  • Prime Time Healthcare Employee Handbook
  • Hendricks Community Hospital Association Employee Handbook

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