sample argument reconstruction essay “. W r i t i n g

sample argument reconstruction essay “. W r i t i n g

The prompt that needs to be answered is: What are our obligations of benevolence toward the hungry and poor, and why do we have these obligations, according to Onora O’Neill?

The aim of this short paper assignment is to accurately reconstruct an argument selected from Onora O’Neill’s “A Kantian Approach to World Hunger”. Your task will be both to clearly articulate the conclusion of the author’s argument and to clearly and economically identify and articulate the premises that lead to this conclusion—the steps provided as reasons supporting the conclusion of the argument.

Below I have attached a PDF labelled “PHIL1002- instructions for Paper Assignment” please follow exactly what it says on this doc as it will tell you everything that I and my prof is looking for. The format, the word limit is 400 (DO NOT GO OVER)!!!, double-spaced, 12 font, you NEED to cite the assigned texts that I am attaching to this assignment as it will guarantee my mark to be higher than a 80%. No over page.

I have also attached an example of a paper my prof wrote labelled, “Sample Argument Reconstruction Essay”. This is exactly the format that needs to be done. You can notice that it is only 3 pages- 2 pages are the actual paper with the name, prof name and course kit right near the top. Last page is the reference page.

I have also attached a doc labelled, “Lecture notes”- this not only has notes on what an argument is and how to put it into standard form but also notes on the Onora O’Neill Kantian approach to answer the question. Which can also be used if necessary.

I attached another doc labelled, “Kantian: course kit” which is the reading given to us on this approach that needs to be USED in the paper to cite. Please use at least a good 3 citations from the course kit and if you can try to put her argument into Standard form. Look at sample!

Requirements: APA | Argumentative Essay | 2 pages, Double spaced

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