sample ads provide 2 examples W r i t i n g

sample ads provide 2 examples W r i t i n g

Summary: You are getting ready to launch your new WordPress website shortly, and need to prepare to get into Google Search results right at launch. A Google Ad campaign will be a great way to bring awareness to your brand right away, as SEO takes more time.

In this project, you will be tasked with planning a PPC strategic plan. NOTE: you will not be setting up a Google Ad account, you will be planning a strategy within a document.


Using Word or Google docs, put together a 3-page plan that outlines these aspects in the following order:

Step 1: Strategic Overview

  • Provide a 1 paragraph summary of your business, including the product or service you will feature within your Google ad campaign.
  • Describe your audience. You can use your audience that you defined in the WordPress project: What kind of offer is of value to them to click on your ad in the search result?
  • What is your business objective? Is it to boost sales of a particular product? By how much? Or is it to raise awareness of your brand?

Step 2: Campaign Breakdown

  • How will you want to structure your campaign? What ad groups will you define? How many ads will you include at the launch of the ad campaign?
  • Provide a list of 10 keyword phrases you will start with for your campaign. Feel free to utilize the keywords you have used in your WordPress project.
  • Will you use broad match, phrase match, or exact match? Provide your reason.

Step 3: Sample Ads

  • Provide 2 examples of text ads, make sure you are falling under the character limit for each element of the text ad. Provide any ad extensions you want to leverage.

Step 4: Measurement Overview

  • Explain what elements you will look at to measure the effectiveness of your campaign at the campaign, ad group, ad and keyword level.

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