russo et al ., 2019 ). W r i t i n g

russo et al ., 2019 ). W r i t i n g


The Integrative-Interactive Paradigm

The integrative-interactive paradigm has significantly impacted the metaparadigm in nursing and has also impacted many grand theories. One theory that is based upon the integrative-interactive paradigm is Roy’s Adaptation Model. The integrative-interactive paradigm sees people as wholes who interact with environmental factors (Smith & Parker, 2015). The Roy’s Adaptation Model explores the ways in which people react and adapt to their environment (Russo et al., 2019). The environment is one element of the metaparadigm of nursing. The theory suggests that nurses are an important part of this theory as nurses can assist their patients in coming up with goals for change (Smith & Parker, 2015). Some of these goals could and should involve altering environmental stimuli (Smith & Parker, 2015). A study done by Russo et al. (2019) evaluated the parents of opioid addicted children and how they as parents adapted to this situation. The opioid addicted children served as the environment for the parents in this study. The study included nursing by suggesting nurses could assist these parents in adapting to their particular environments by teaching them relaxation techniques like meditation (Russo et al., 2019). The nurses also helped the parents to evaluate their environments and come up with ways to adjust it. The parents decided to try to adjust their environments by helping their children to find jobs and to engage in meaningful activities that may deter them from using opioids (Russo et al., 2019). The nurses supported the parents in these efforts. The study found as the theory suggests that effective coping and adapting leads to better quality of life. In the case of the family in this study, it led to a better family dynamic among the family members.


Russo, S., Baumann, S. L., Velasco-Whetsell, M., & Roy, C. (2019). A comparison of two case studies using the Roy Adaptation Model: Parents of opioid dependent adults and bariatric surgery. Nursing Science Quarterly, 32(1) 61-67.

Smith, M. C., & Parker, M. E. (2015), Nursing Theories and Nursing Practice (4th ed.). F. A. Davis Company.

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