roughly 2 pages per travel experience W r i t i n g

roughly 2 pages per travel experience W r i t i n g

Think deliberately about what you consider to be your two most meaningful travel experiences.  These could be locally (Balboa Park, for example), national, or international.  Your choices can be from when you were very young (say a trip with your parents) or something you did this summer.  The travel you choose can be something you did alone or with others.  That is, just about anything that involves travel could be considered.

For each of these two travel experiences complete the following (roughly 2 pages per travel experience) using the subheadings underlined below. To be clear, you need to analyze both of the travel experiences, each experience analysis should be around 2-3 pages. The first experience should be numbered as below  – 4.1, The second experience should be labeled 4.2. An excellent paper will find additional resources/citations reflecting each of the theories in the experience analysis and cite these correctly in-text and provide a reference list at the end of the paper.

— 4.1 Experience 1

Describe the experience in as much detail as you can. Was it aligned with any of the pre-Covid travel trends we read about this week?

—- 4.1.1. Experience Qualities.

Describe the qualities that made these travel experiences important and meaningful to you.  In this instance take each of the individual travel experiences, as listed above, and provide a detailed accounting of what, exactly, made these experiences special to you.

—- 1.2 Experience Analysis

Using the theories discussed in this week’s lectures, analyze your experiences and discuss if the theories discussed add to your understanding of your travel motivations and the reasons these experiences were so meaningful to you. These should include one paragraph of analysis for each of the following:

  1. Plog/Cohen – What type of traveler are you, what type of destination was chosen?
  2. Pearce’s Travel Career Ladder – Position your experience on the ladder?
  3. Chris Ryan’s Travel Motivations – Which motivations ring true for you?
  4. Optimal Arousal Theory – Does this seem to explain your choices?
  5. Boorstin/MacCannell – Were you in search of authenticity & if so did you find it,

Urry – Was your travel informed or influenced by a tourist gaze?

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