rj 2 …. rj 3 rj 4 rj 5in total like 1500 B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

rj 2 …. rj 3 rj 4 rj 5in total like 1500 B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

Major: Event Management Module: Effective Manager

Write 5-6 reflective journals through the materials given (read each of them and then write the reflective journal)

eg: The RJ 1 folder means you would read all the materials in RJ 1 folder and write 200-300 words reflective journal

And RJ 2….

RJ 3

RJ 4

RJ 5

in total like 1500 -1800 words

And the requirement is as follows:

What are the aims of your journal?


Think carefully about why you are keeping this journal (apart from the assessment) as this will help you decide what to write about and will keep you focused on the task. Are you trying to see how you respond to the variety of lectures, for example, or perhaps you wish to explore how you learn about ways of approaching level 9 learning. You can have more than one aim, 4-5 would seem reasonable. Tip: Make a note of your aims in your journal – in fact your first entry might be to discuss your aims.

Questions to consider to get you started:

What sort of learner am I and do I want to experiment with other types of learning? Find out about learning styles, for example:

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