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resources including management expertise B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

Students that complete a mini marketing plan for the Dunklau School of Business will receive up to 20 points in extra credit. The same standards apply (note: must be well-written and well-researched/supported) in order to earn the full 20 points.

The parts of the marketing plan to include:


Situation Analysis


Internal Environment


How does marketing support my company’s mission,   objectives, and growth strategies?


What is the corporate culture and how does it influence   marketing activities?


What has my company done in the past with its: target   markets? Promotion?


What resources including management expertise does my   company have that make us unique? How has the company added value through its   offerings in the past?


External Environment


What is the nature of the overall domestic and global   market for our product? How big is the market? Who buys our product?


Who are our competitors (where else could students earn a   business degree)? What are their marketing strategies?


What are the key trends in the economic environment? The   technological environment? The regulatory environment? The social and   cultural environment?


SWOT Analysis


Based on the analysis of the internal and external   environments, what are the key strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and   threats?


Set Marketing Objectives


What   are the marketing goals of the organization?

The   Dunklau School of Business aims to have over 350 students enrolled in its   majors for the 2022-2023 school year. Currently, there are 305 students   enrolled in the majors.


Marketing Strategies


Select Target Markets and Positioning


How do consumers and organizations go about buying, using,   and disposing of our products?


Which segments should we select to target? If a consumer   market: What are the relevant demographic, psychographic, and behavioral   segmentation approaches and the media habits of the targeted segments? If a   business market: What are the relevant organizational demographics?


How will we position our product for our market(s)?


Promotional Strategies


How do we develop a consistent message about our product?   How do we best generate buzz?


What approaches to Advertising, Sales Promotion, Social   Media, Personal Selling, and Public Relations should we use?

Extra credit will be awarded based on the following:

1) All questions were addressed: 5 points. If not all questions are addressed, no extra credit will be given.

2) All questions were addressed and every area was supported with research/evidence: 10 points

3) All questions were addressed and every area was supported with research/evidence and there were no writing errors: 20 points

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