reservations many months — even years — B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

reservations many months — even years — B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

Hello Class –

To follow are instructions and a prompt for your SECOND GRADED WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT. It is based on chapter 7 and entitled Radical Rewrite: Request Refusal—Nuptials Nixed at Napa Inn

The below poorly written letter turns down the request of a bride-to-be seeking to reserve the popular Napa Valley Inn as a venue for her wedding.

How can this letter be made less disappointing?

Your Task.

Analyze the message.

List its weaknesses and what information is missing, then

Outline an appropriate writing plan.

NEXT, use your analysis and REWRITE the letter, which you will submit via this assignment link. NOTE: You are NOT to answer the letter. Only rewrite to make it grammatically and stylistically correct.

So, in a Word document you will outline the following:

1) weaknesses you found in the document (in bullets)

2) a brief strategy of how to rewrite the letter (two or three paragraphs)

3) and the actual revised and final draft of your letter (your own version of the document)

NOTE your letter should follow the exact same format that that is discussed in the textbook- i.e. Sender’s and Receiver’s full information, date, subject, salutation, intro., body, appropriate number of words per line and lines per paragraphs, etc.

I strongly encourage you to refer to your textbook and as often as needed. Also, review my notes on your previously submitted and graded written assignments #1 ——look for detail on what I asked you to specifically improve on. Be as creative as you like both in your writing and the aesthetics of the letter. You will be replying as if you are the VP of Operations for the Napa Valley Inn. The use of fictitious (fake) dates and addresses is completely acceptable.

Enjoy and make this learning experience count!


Current date

Ms. Sonya Capretta

2459 Sierra Avenue

Fresno, CA 93710

Dear Ms. Capretta:

We regret to inform you that the wedding date you request in your letter of February 2 at the Napa Valley Inn is unavailable. Unfortunately, we are fully booked for all of the Saturdays in June, as you probably already suspected.

June is our busiest month, and smart brides make their reservations many months—even years—in advance. That’s because the Napa Valley Inn is the ideal romantic getaway for weddings. With unparalleled cuisine and service, along with panoramic Napa Valley and vineyard views, our inn offers a unique, intimate ambiance in a breathtaking location for your special event.

We apologize if we have caused you any inconvenience. However, if you could change your wedding date to the middle of the week, we would try to accommodate your party. We do have a few midweek spots open in June, but even those dates are rapidly filling up. With 45 Mediterranean-style rooms and suites, each with its own sunny private terrace, the Napa Valley Inn is the perfect location for you and your partner to begin your married lives. Afternoon ceremonies typically begin at 11 a.m., while golden sunsets at the Napa Valley Inn offer a romantic prelude of the evening to come. Evening ceremonies usually begin at 6 p.m. I’m available if you want to arrange something.


[Your Name – title]

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