research papers usually includes three communicative moves H u m a n i t i e s

research papers usually includes three communicative moves H u m a n i t i e s

Answer the questions below. Be sure to refer to page numbers using APA in-text citation.

1.Rhetorical moves in research paper introductions: Swales & Feak (2004) found that the introduction section of research papers usually includes three communicative moves: (attached)(titled rhetorical moves part 1 and 2)

Go to Reading 1 Popa et al. (2016) (attached) and try to find these moves in the introduction section (pp. 222-223). Annotate the text (you can highlight the moves using different colors). You may annotate the text with pen on a printed copy or with annotation tools on your computer or tablet. After you have annotated the text, send me a copy. Tocqueville (2000) and Putnam (2001) have pointed to the ways in which participation in civic associations promotes a healthy democracy. How can a social networking site like Facebook encourage involvement in civil society?

3.What does the study by Popa et al. (2016) show regarding the effect of Facebook use on offline organizational involvement (i.e., membership in political and leisure organizations)?

After annotating and answering the questions you will write a summary for reading 1 that will feature a specific scenario when you will be expected to adapt your summaries skills to meet a specific demand. Drawing on your skills from the first half, make sure you understand the scenario before you adapt to meet its needs.

Scenario: You work as a researcher for Spotify, tasked with creating new initiatives for online communities. Analyze Popa, Theocharis, and Schnaudt to identify key transitional aspects that build communal engagement via online services. Focus specifically on the key impact of online platforms and how they impact offline communities.

Format: 250-300 words per summary, double-spaced, 12-pt font.

Reading 1:Popa, S. A., Theocharis, Y., & Schnaudt, C. (2016). From seeing the writing on the wall, to getting together for a bowl: Direct and compensating effects of Facebook use on offline associational membership. Journal of Information Technology & Politics, 13(3), 222–238. (attached)

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