research paper • peer review articles W r i t i n g

research paper • peer review articles W r i t i n g

I want my topic to be on Covid 19 and the impact it is having in the world.


From beginning thoughts to the final product!
In this project, you will be required to conduct a research paper. The research paper will be a
total of 10 pages. A minimum of 7 outside resources. The paper should be written in MLA
format, Times New Roman, 12point font and double spaced. Wiki resources are not allowed.
Types of Research
• Primary Research: research that you conduct
• Secondary Research: research that you find that talks about your subject
• Quantitative Research: research that provides statistical data
• Qualitative Research: research that is verbal or written form (no statistical data)
• Thesis Statement: the main topic of the research paper
• Peer Review Articles: Research papers written by individuals and reviewed by their
colleagues. These PRAs are published in research journals.


Choose a topic
The topic should be important to you. For a more productive paper, the topic should be in which
there is many resources that provides information on the topic. Ensure that is your topic has a lot
of information, narrow you research topic to a more concise niche. State your topic as a thesis
statement. An example is as follows: Since birds tend to go south for the winter, their eating
habits are altered due to warmer temperatures impacting their appetite reduction…
The topic should be written in a form that creates room for validation. Do not just state the thesis
statement like: I think birds lose their appetite when they so south every year. Though this is a
thesis statement, it is not an effective thesis statement.

Gather research for your Topic.
In this step, students should begin to research. Universal research practices are to find peer
review articles. In additions, books, journals, magazines and other credible literary venues. Wiki
resources are un-authentic and are not allowed. Students should put the subtopics on index cards
and as you find secondary research put those notes on the note card. A minimum of three to five
sentences in support of the subtopic from various resources.

Research Paper Development: Introductory Paragraph
In this step, students should develop an introduction paragraph that is comprised of the thesis
statement. In addition, the subtopics of the research paper should be written in this section as an
introduction to how the paper will flow. Students should divide their topic in to as many
subtopics as necessary to cover the depth of the topic you desire to discuss in the research topic.

Research Paper Development: Body Paragraphs
In this step, students should transfer the information form their index cards (Step 1) in to the
body of their research paper. The transfer should correlate with how the subtopics are written
chronologically in the introductory paragraph. Ensure the information is cited appropriately in
MLA format.

Research Paper Development: Conclusion
In this step, students should write a conclusion paragraph. In the conclusion paragraph, students
are to recite their subtopics and implore their view point. The conclusion should be a minimum
of 5-8 sentences.

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