required point use apa citation W r i t i n g

required point use apa citation W r i t i n g

Michael Muhammad Knight, Muhammad: Forty Introductions (New York: Soft Skull Press, 2019)

Write a review essay on the book mentioned above. The review should be:

An introduction to the book and a brief description of the author (2.5%) 

The author’s purpose (2.5%) 

  1. The book’s genre and style (2.5%) Is the book a hadith, Quran, history, cooking book, music…etc. The answer should it take more than one to two sentences
  2. Summary of the book, chapter by chapter (2.5%) (2-3 points from each chapter. I don’t need a full explanation of each chapter. The whole summary should not take more than 1-2 pages max)
  3. Description of the book’s main themes and topics (2.5%) (Look at the index and find your full answer there. write it as points)
  4. A critical appraisal of the book (5%) This point needs your critical attention. How the author explained his/ her point (ex by comparing different Mathaheb, looking into the similarities, historical documentation, took support from the Quran and the Haditth, or all …etc)
  5. Clearly restating what the author’s overall purpose is in writing the book (i.e., what is the author arguing / seeking to achieve with the book?  (2.5%) Your point of view. By now, after writing two essays and reflections, you should know what the author is trying to present

Evaluation how well the author accomplishes this purpose (2.5%) Your own evaluation. What do you think? There is no right or wrong answer here.

  1. An explanation of how the book contributes to contemporary Islamic discourse (2.5%) You can pick 2-3 topics from the book that you think they contribute to contemporary Islamic discourse and explain why do you think so.
  2. Limitations or drawbacks (2.5%) Your own evaluation. You need to support your answer with examples 1-2 examples max
  3. Technical Requirements

The paper should be of 1600 words, double-spaced

  1. Write a subtitle for each required point

Use APA citation and font (12) Times Roman

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