reply 2 students questions 100 words H u m a n i t i e s

reply 2 students questions 100 words H u m a n i t i e s

Discussion question for “The Diary of an African Nun”:

In “The Diary of an African Nun”, Walker explores the process of female self-representation, i.e. the complex process of a black woman trying to create an identity for herself. The process is complex and full of contradictions. At the lovely foot of Uganda, what does the whiteness of snow that blankets the nun symbolizes? Can you explain how the post-colonial and missionary reality of Uganda represents a conflicted notion of the self that is caught between the rigidity of Catholicism and her instinctual drives? In other words, can you find the places where you see the Nun is conflicted in her duty towards God in a village that has been “civilized by American missionaries”, and her instinctive affinity to the culture of where she belongs?

Discussion question for “Mississippi Politics: A Day in the Life of Ella J. Baker

Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party (MFDP) is an organization aimed at expanding black voter registration and political participation in America during 1964. In this excerpt, we can see that Ella J. Baker, despite being one of the most prominent figures of the MFDP, was a substitute keynote speaker for “the famous speakers who were unable to attend” (66). Comment of the difficulty of women’s participation in politics in America. Can you find out how Ela Baker’s inspiring speech draws attention to the position of black female in American politics? While we honor Dr. Martin Luther King’s contribution to the civil rights movement, do we think of the contribution that black female leaders as Ella J. Baker? What does such omissions of gendered politics tell us about the struggle of black woman in America to participate and contribute to politics? Feel free to draw connections between the essay and the contemporary voting climate in America.

250 words for each questions. reply 2 students questions 100 words for each.

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