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In Modules 1, 2, and 3, we have examined issues of gender and bodies, including media representations of gender, sexuality and heteronormativity, transgender and intersex bodies, beauty norms and consumerism, idealized bodies, and shamed bodies (including fat-shaming).

This module activity invites you to do a creative project of your choice based on the terms and concepts of this course that relate to gendered bodies and body politics. Specifically, you can create a photo essay, Instagram account, video, podcast, or work of original art or creative writing that makes an argument about how bodies are gendered, sexualized, racialized, shamed, and/or commodified in popular culture

Although this is a creative project, it needs to be analytical in nature. You will be making an argument: saying something about how gendered bodies are constructed and/or represented. Please be sure to draw on course concepts and readings in making your argument, though I am of course also interested in your ideas. 🙂

Please choose a topic that is specific and manageable. “Beauty” is impossible to explore in the scope of this project; so is “the sexualization of women.” You should not focus exclusively on thin, white women, but instead should examine bodies that are challenging the cultural norm. Try to include a diversity of bodies (think about diversity in terms of race, ethnicity, national origin, disability, body size and shape, and gender identity). I encourage you to choose from among the following topics, or see me with your idea if you’d like to do something else: 

Keep in mind that the body is the point of this project, so if your argument does not say anything about how bodies are gendered or represented, then you’re not on topic. 🙂

Whichever of these topics you choose, you must be clear about the purpose and argument behind the choices you make. What are your key questions? What is your argument, and how will you illustrate it? What key terms from the course will inform your project? 

Please be sure to use at least 5 images and at least 500 words of text in your project (more is fine!!!)


Who has a ballerina body? – (Links to an external site.)

men in the bopo movement – https://

Men for Makeup – (Links to an external site.)


course concepts and readings

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